POW: Hashing in Nicaragua

Wet & Dry went on a last-minute hash vacation to Nicaragua and reports back with her findings. Click the picture for her gallery, or the click the link for her trip report.

Arrived in Managua around noon, last Saturday. After 15 minutes or so of fumbling around… phone not picking a service like I was told… putting on a hash shirt as an “identifier,” I found Lady Bootlegger, my gracious host for the weekend. He showed me to his truck and promptly introduced me to the beers of Nicaragua: Victoria and Toña. To best describe the two I’d have to borrow that Thai phrase “same same but different.” Nothing special, but hell they were $1 USD at the bar. F— Yeah!!!!

After seeing parts of Managua and a few pit stops, we headed to Granada, approximately 40 km from Managua. Granada is known for it’s Spanish colonial architecture and horse drawn carriages. However, we were more interested in meeting up with Ginger Likes ‘Em Thicker of San Juan del Sur, Nica, formerly of the Baghdad H3, and drinking beer all night in Granada. We met up with Ginger, hit the strip of bars and restaurants and carried on until late. A highlight of the night was asking the locals about options on where we could sleep for the night. With prices ranging from $6 USD and up, one has to be a little judicious about selection. Well this one fella really racked his brains… “what is the one,” he says… then he asks friends and they do not know either. “What is that hotel? Oh yes, that’s it! It’s the Hotel Granada.” Yeah, it’s rough to come up with that one, especially when you live in a city of the same name. At the hotel Ginger waded in a trough type thing outside our room. He later went back for an official skinny dip. This hotel was LARGE, so we hashed around it before crashing for the night.

I woke up in the morning to a cacophony of church bells. Not very motivating after a late night of drinking. We took a quick drive to Lake Nicaragua, one of the largest lakes in the world, which is home to some freshwater sharks. I never knew there were such things. We then drove back to Managua and had beer / brunch at the German International school in which the chef is a hasher. We also met up with a couple other Managua hashers at the school. We then pressed on to San Marcos (Nica, not Texas, you retard) for the hash. It was held at the home of hashers living in a rural area among coffee plantations. The hash wove along dirt roads and a few trails of the fincas. We were apparently quite a spectacle of gringos for the locals. Most were out on the road watching us parade by. They often greeted us by saying “Adios.” Seemed kinda strange since they never said “Hola.” But they were friendly and didn’t mind posing for some pictures. The run ended at the same house in which we started. It was kind of a compound layout and they had tons of orchids everywhere outside. Down downs were brief. Thunder, lightning and light rain chased us back to Managua. We stopped at what Ginger called the best fast food in Nica, Pollo Campero… hey they have wi-fi and as it turns out there are FOUR Pollo Camperos in Houston. After that, I was dumped at a hotel directly across the airport and flew out early Monday morning. All in all it was a great weekend. To hash El Salvador next, OR, bring a group of hashers down to Nica for an over the top hash. Details to follow.

Hugs, Kisses and Gropes,
Wet & Dry