Golden Flip-Flop Galveston Hash

Hares: Vanilla Starfish and Pearl Necklace

About 16* including the hares gathered under the bridge at Kemah for the start of Galveston H3 on Sat Dec 27. The hares Starfish and Pearl were wearing jungle slippers. Trail led through streets with canals and boats. Then it crossed a busy road and led through a trailer park to a lake. At this point Hooter Bill elected to go around by a side road and bridge, to avoid crossing the water.

Finding a check and trail along FM 518 Hooter followed trail to the check at the long straight ditch that took Hooter back to the lake. Then no more trail. So Hooter ran back to the start, and found out he was running it backwards.

True trail had gone the other way on FM 518, criss-crossing, and then into the finish at Pleather Balls’ new swankienda. Hot dogs and multi beers. Momma’s Boy led the circle, giving us a graphic description of a Roman Warrior’s Helmut. Emily made Rachel and Sarah come, and just about everyone else. So, after awarding Gal H3 Golden Trail of the Year to themselves, the hares awarded the Golden Ho of the Year to Emily. Real gold trophies. Emily and Ass Grabber volunteered to be hares for the January run, tentatively set for Sat Jan 31.

*The 16 included hare Pearl Necklace, hare Vanilla Starfish, Pull the Plug, Little Boy Blew, Momma’s Boy, Ass Grabber, Emily, Rachel, Sarah, Pleather Balls, Santa Claus, Heartache, Cums Anyway, McPisser, Hooter Bill. This was the 92nd monthly run of Gal H3, since Run 1 in May 2001 hared by founder Sleds & Turds.

— Hooter Bill