Hashing at Somerville

Hare: Gymnophobia of eATMe H3

Start was at B&B Foods on Highway 36 on north side of Somerville. The turf was new to Hooter Bill, who had run hashes at the dam nearby but never before at the town of Somerville itself. Trail took the pack along highways and byways and earthen dams to a beer check at a cemetery. Then on and on to the lake shore and up a hill to a peninsula, doubling back along shore to end at a shelter at the foot of the big dam. We watched the sun go down as the beer warmed us up. Warm fire and grill. Just Peter and protege Just Kailin handed out his hand-made trinkets. Take a look at Gymnophobia’s photos.

In attendance: From Brenham H3: the Hare Gymnophobia, Hound Dog, Just Peter Emerson, Just Kaitlin. From College Station EATME H3: Red Foreskin, Yard Ralph, 4F, Pornophobia, Just Angela, Mr. Hash (ex Kuwait H3). From Houston H3: Little Boy Blew, Mama’s Boy, Little Pussy, F**k Me Running, Goldiloxx, Muscle Phart, Frangipani, Sweatlicker

— Hooter Bill