February Cychohash Trash and some announcements!

Hare: The Pitts

More pics from the February 2009 Cychohash can be viewed here.(Ed. note: Shiggy-shaggy!) rode 15.2 and I rode 17.3. It was quite nice but boy was it windy. Can someone please tell me how you can ride your bike, twist in turn in streets, and be in the wind 85% of the time? I do say, the directions with the wind were phenomenal. The food was also yummy — meatless red and veggie lasagna. I had thirds. Kudos to Small and Leia for riding the trail together. Leia just turned 4 and rode in the Kanga Pack with Small the whole way. What a great family experience. Please remember, children are always welcome at the Cychohash.

It’s nice to think the Cychohash has been riding for 6 ? years. I am quite
proud. It’s nice to see so many people enjoying the ride of H-Town’s
streets. I do have a little bit of house keeping just to keep people in the

The March Cychohash will be a CychoRide. This ride will be featuring the
Mayor. Your Cychohash Captains will be Dan, Mia, Mitch & one of his kiddos. The ride will leave from Discovery Green and will include 2 tree-planting stops, one with the Mayor. The ride will proceed to TSU for the Columbia Tap Bike Trail Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Columbia Tap is Houston’s newest bike trail. It is an off-road trail that goes from Discovery Green to Herman Park (through TSU) and is not on the streets. The Mayor will leave the ride at this point. Our CychoRide Captains will leave from the 2nd Tree Planting location at Herman Park and ride an additional 6-8 miles. The ride will end at a Bike Friendly location with food, drink & many well-crafted beers.

Another idea for March is a CychoHash Rogue Ride. This would be March 14th. Since it is the weekend prior to St. Patty’s Day, the 1st Cychohash Pub Ride would be fitting. At the ride on Saturday, there was a lot of enthusiasm for it but no one committed to laying trail and incorporating 4 or so pub stops. If there is a volunteer out there who is willing, please let me know.

April’s Cychohash will be hared by Small and daughter, Leia. The Cinco de Cycho will be hared by Wet & Dry and Yeastie Boy. June’s Cychohash will be hared by Dickhead. July’s Cychohash will be hared by Estrus.

Thank you all for your time,