March Galveston Hash

Hares: BooBoo Bear and Goldiloxxx

So it was a BEAUTIFUL day for hashing! Due to it being spring break and the same day as the memorial service for a fallen hasher, attendance wasn’t what is usually is. But that did not stop us from having optimal fun! Those in attendance were Brady’s Bitch, 8″ Crack, Can’t Touch This (only till after the first beer check), Steps in Shit, Hooter Bill, Juices Flowing, Roll Model, Pound Puppy, Pearl Necklace, and Pleather Balls. We also had 2 Visitors from Baton Rouge…..I hope I get his name right….Holy Hoover and his wife ThumpHer.

Our hares took off on a live (mostly they said) hared trail with the rest of the pack waiting anxiously on Hooter to hurry up and arrive. Finally, he got there, we explained the markings, and off the 6 of us that were running true trail went. Okay, so for those of you who were at Ass Grabber and Just Emily’s run, it was like we started running the course backwards. Starting off at Boondoggles, we went behind it and into the neigborhoods for a little more than 2 miles before hitting our first beer check. Skipping the Beer and preferring water, I drank till I was happy. Grabbing another bottle of water, off we went back to the streets. We finally come into an area of shiggy with a serious amount of cluster F*ck checks! At one point, Pleather and Pearl were seen on the ground laughing so hard because there were 2 checks within 5 feet of themselves. And then 10 feet from those were another….and another….and another! One couldn’t claim there weren’t enough checks on trail!

Finally we find ourselves out of the shiggy and on the grass running along the railroad tracks headed south on 146. We soon arrive at Hooter’s for a Bar Check. After chugging 2 pints of piss beer…I was happy! And Hooter Bill was even more happy when all the “Hooter” gals came to take a picture with him!! Anyway…we all knew what was coming up after we left Hooter’s. The Kemah Bridge! So we got our whits about us and took off. Hooter and Pound Puppy walking, the rest of us cantering along. Pleather and Pearl shot off up and over the bridge in great time!! Steps in Shit and I were slightly behind. SIS much closer to them than me!! We were told where the end was going to be due to heavy traffic and the insane number of people headed to Kemah. As I arrive a few minutes behind FRB’s Pleather, Pearl, and SIS, I hear them laughing while they explain how they caught the hare. Booboo was carying what was left of the flour in a bag. The FRB’s just yelled out to Booboo asking if they were in the correct place….then Booboo dumps the remaining flour like it was cocaine and takes off running for fear of being caught!! Pearl said they were running around yelling “catch him” like he was a thief of something. People enjoying the boardwalk, I think, were about to call the cops for fear of something being really wrong!

Anyway, because of the heavy traffic, our beer was not there yet. Luckily I had some money in my bra and Booboo had some too. Us four runners went into T-Bone Tom’s and had a pitcher of St. A’s Spring Bock and sat there till Brady’s Bitch had arrived with the piss beer. Finally, Goldiloxxx arrives with the Lone Pint.

Circle finally started….your typical accusations…nothing special other than we were being watched by several people who were walking by us in Kemah.

We finished the circle, but still had plenty of Lone Pint left. We couldn’t have any of that leftover, so Steps in Shit volunteered his newly remodled house for us to hang in (and to show off to us before the furniture was moved in) and drink the beer that was left!! We sat around chatting and admiring the changes SIS had made to his home. His wife arrived and we praised her for her choices (she’s an Interior Designer) of everything that she had done to the house! After ordering Pizza, we inhaled it, finished off the beer, then headed to Boondoggles to drink some more!

Thanks to the hares for a great day of fun!!!