April Galveston Hash

Hares: Pearl Necklace and Pleather Balls

Hooter’s account

Start was at Brookwood School, about 5 miles east of I-10 along Clear Lake City Blvd, where it turns right and becomes Middlebrook Drive. What a great hash! A spring shower*. A rushing stream. Green new woods. A pack of three, Little Boy Blue and Heartache and Hooter Bill.

By the magic of cell phones the pack after the run found the hares Pearl Necklace and Pleather Balls with auto-stranded hasher Vanilla Starfish at Slurpy’s (Trevor) and Incest Is Best’s garage (Lone Pint Brewery) for an on on that went on on on. Many stories were told, reputations ruined.

Here is map Hooter traced for the trail, some of it based on hearsay, while Hooter was fighting lions.

* The Houston Chronicle said that it rained 6 inches yesterday afternoon in the Clear Lake area. Cars stranded everywhere, but the PT Cruiser got through.

Heartache’s account

The Hash will go on, rain, hail or shine!

I arrived at the school at 3:40 p.m., having crawled down I-45 through the crowds of stalled vehicles. And saw a few cars in the parking lot. But no gathering of hashers. I parked beside Hooter Bill’s Cruiser, but did not notice anyone inside, as the windows were fogged up…

Crap, I thought, the pack is off without me. And no hares in sight! So I jumped out of my vehicle, into cool water up to my ankles. And ran over to a fella in the entrance to the school, asking “are you a runner?” Yes, he said, but not today! I am here to pick up my son…..

So I turned around and set out across the parking lot. I passed my vehicle and then, as I passed the truck in front, noticed Little Boy Blew inside. What’s up, I asked? He was trying to contact the hares on his cell phone, explaining to me that he was the only one there.

What about Hooter Bill, I asked. At which point we both noticed Hooter sitting in his Cruiser. Great, we have a pack! Lets run! After numerous attempts. Pearl Necklace was contacted and gave us directions to the first mark, luckily in Green tape. Hooter Bill was loath to leave the confines of his Cruiser, knowing he would get his feet wet, but was persuaded to join us. A stirrup cup of fine 10-yr old Bushmills was used to encourage one and all.

And it was good! We stumbled off into the gathering gloom, finding occasional bits of plastic flagging, fought our way through raging torrents, impenetrable briars and toe-sucking mud. We fought off packs of wild dogs and feral pigs defending their young. Hooter Bill faced down a mountain lion by stating “I am a Lawyer!”.

And after some hours of struggle, made it to the end of the trail. Where there were dancing nymphs and a choir of angels to greet us. But no hares and no beer! So we returned to our chariots and decided to invade the Lone Pint Brewery, which we did, to find the hares, along with Vanilla Starfish, who had succumbed to the high water and been rescued by PleatherBalls.

And we drank through the night, consumed much Pizza. And all was right in the hashing world!