H4 Run #1627: Hoedown Showdown

Hares: Ass Grabber, Brrr, Semper Bi and Burning Rubber

Here’s Hooter’s trace of the trail of about 4.7 miles laid yesterday by the Hares Ass Grabber and Brrrrr and Semper Bi and Burning Rubber. Some of the map is based on hearsay, as Hooter ranged way out Antoine at one point, missing the water check at Langwood Park (confirmed by auto today). Start of the Hoedown Showdown was at Fiesta on Wirt Road, near Kempwood.

After the feast and the cowboy band and the slide show, Hooter departed about 9 p.m., only to return about 11:30 p.m. to retrieve Hooter’s inhaler left in a tree out front. The band with Dick the Boy Wonder and Tuna Delight were still going strong in the evening breeze at the door to Burning Rubber’s warehouse.

At the start at Fiesta at 2 p.m., two hashers showed up who’ve been gone for 17 years, Barbara Redmond and Richard Moulton. They said they moved to Los Angeles 17 years ago and stopped hashing, and then moved to Austin a couple of years ago. They said that they may come back to Houston for a run soon.

Your scribe,
Hooter Bill