Space City H3 Revival Hash

Hares: Slumbag and Finger F**K

We started running about 5 pm, at the Valero on Jones Road just north of Cypress North Houston Road. Trail led through a compact area of convoluted shady streets and patches of woods to end in the backyard of Slumbag’s home on Oak Plaza Drive.

It was a great revival of the long dormant Space City H3. And it was free ! No run fee charged by the hares, Slumbag and Finger F**k, each celebrating 20 years of hashing. Lots of beer and BBQ and watermelon. Hashers long thought dead were seen during the run and at the circle, such as Shuttlecock and Choo Choo and Half Moon. Circle was led by Can’t Hound. Hooter counted about 50 at the circle, as ever more long-gone hashers kept streaming in. Here’s Hooter’s map of the kinder and gentler trail of 3 miles.

Random names (Slumbag you have the list. Who did Hooter miss?): Tootsy, Whore Dog, F**king Mother Teresa, Roller Balls, Shuttlecock, Cant Hound, Head Banger, Who The F**k Are You, Wad To Blow, Santa Claus, Pipes, She
Mussel Bitch (Austin H3), TAF (Austin H3), Cherry Popper (Austin H3), Sperminator, Stuck On The Bone, Tonka F**k, The Pits & Turtle Brains (just back from Fiji Islands), Tiny Bubbles, Puke, Roll Model, Master Chugger, Bush Snapper, Choo Choo, Half Moon, Cums Happily, Will He Peter, Digital Input, Little Boy Blew, Lorna Dunes, Geek, Old Faithful, Power Tool, Pull The Plug, Pump Me, Chicken Choker Daa Daa Daa, Sticky Lips, Hooter Bill

Hooter Bill, scribe

Edited to add: And Cums Anyway and McPisser. And Parsons Nose and Juices Flowing