H4 H4 Run #1628: Pimp My Pool Hash

Hares: Tap Dat A$$ and Platterpuss

It was f-ing hot! But all of the bitching and moaning on H4 email didn’t keep the crowds away from the early afternoon live hare hash with the promise of a pool party with cold premium beer, order a hella pool, and delicious food!

The start was at the Tuesday Morning behind the Randalls on Weslayan at Bissonnet, which seemed to confuse some. The hares, being well aware of the heat concerns, generously provided hashers with an ice cold cooler of water and Gatorades before the start, hash time around 2:30pm. The pack was off at 2:45pm.

Since we were in the middle of town, the trail was a pavement pounder. The two water/beer checks saved lives, as did the occasional run through shaded parking garages. I never thought parking garages were all that cool. Love ‘em in 105 degree temps!

A$$ Grabber, on his bicycle, was a big help to those of us in the middle of the pack who were blinded by the heat by giving updates on the FRB on-on’s. After the hottest hour ever, down the 610 feeder road we go, turning right down the railroad tracks, and turning right again to our “covered ending” by a drainage ditch. Where’s the pool? Who cares! Gimme a beer!

Our RA had participated in a triathlon that morning and showed up after the circle started, so Mama’s Boy graciously stepped in to serve as RA without missing a beat. The hares took a lickin’ for the hot a$$ 4 mile run and our less than climactic ending, among many other accusations for which they were definitely GUILTY.

Just Bob, who hadn’t hashed in forever, was named in the circle, a name that has been talked about for many moons… Tri-vestite… because he’s been away in racist training. Lube Job was accused of making a big deal about this being the last 2pm start, all while on the comfort of his bicycle with the wind in his hair.

NARC accused Pull the Prick Out of not working for Exxon at all, saying that she’s not moving to Paris, France, that she is really taking a weekend road trip to Paris, Texas, yet every week is supposedly her last sorrowful week. Pull the Prick out, if you really DO work for Exxon, and you really ARE moving to Paris, France… we will miss you!!! (I heard at the Running of the Ho that she is definitely in Paris, France now.)

The on-on-on was, as promised, a pool party at TDA’s luxury apartment complex, and as promised, there was cold premium beer, a hella pool, and delicious food! It was a magnificent ending to a sweltering run. Thanks to Balls Barker and Bend-A-Hoe and others for cooking the grub, and thanks to Platterpuss and Tap Dat A$$ for an excellent Pimp My Pool hash and on-on-on!

Your fervent scribe,
Really? F*ck!