Summer Rogue Hash

Hare: Brrrr

Brrrr gave us a good live hare run on Monday June 15. Start was Full Moon Parking Lot. Here’s Hooter’s map of the trail of a little more than 4 miles.

Brrr ran out of flour at one point and talked some young guy into giving her a ride back to fetch more flour. But the pack never knew it, until we were told at the end, and it never interrupted the pack’s progress. Beer Check (Ass Grabber) was at entrance gates to Picnic Loop. Trail ended in the (dark) parking lot next to Texadelphia. About 16 souls in all, at Hooter’s count: Drive Bi Fly Bi, Pussy Checker, Wad To Blow, Who The F**k Are You,
child Arkin, Il Castrado, Vaseline Queen (Kathryn), Low Profile, Roy Orifice, Dumpster Digger, Dick The Boy Wonder (conducting brief downdown for our modest Hare), Susie?, Hooter Bill, and ??? (who else?).

Edited to add:Estrus