July Full Moon Hash

Hared by Grind Sl*t and Dr. Coochie

Pull the Plug has posted his pics from this month’s Full Moon here.

Start of FM H3 on 7/7 at 7 was the Full Moon Parking Lot in Memorial Park. About 40 people, a big turnout. Here is Hooter Bill’s trace of the trail a day later.

Here is Rain Bitch’s: Hares Dr Cootchie and Grind Slut, Shagwagon Rain Bitch, Parson’s Nose, Rancid Asshole, Roll Model, Pull the Plug, 8″ Crack, Estrus, Tiffany, NARC, Pussy Checker, Great Balls of Fire, McPisser, Dumpster Digger, Misty, Ass Wipe, Road Kill, Caroline Burke, Robin, My Brother Made Me Eat It, Nathan, Horsefli Drivebi, Bleeder, John, ID10T, Roller Balls, Ben, Michael, Hooter Bill, Gaslyte, PP, Jenna, Saran Crap, Heartache, Saturday Night Beaver, Krusty Kreme, Snatchatarius, Ass Grabber, Randy. Muscle Phartt made cameo appearance at end.

End was in patch of woods by train track and Old Katy Road. Rain Bitch found old tv in woods for table for McP’s portable grill. Rain Bitch went out for a beer run, and cold beer flowed. Hares picked for next month were Snatachatarius, Jenna, and Ben.

On On On was at Christian’s (is it Totem or Tailgate?), and Jenna (Glitterati?) and others showed their stuff in the Karaoke.

Hooter Bill