Galveston Hash #99

Hares Pearl Necklace and Pleather Balls

MOre of Grind’s pictures are here.

The 99th monthly run of Galveston H3. Start at 4 pm (4:45 pm) on Sat 7/25/2009 on west Galveston Isle at Buccaneer Lane (12-mile road) (actually a long couple of blocks away at end of Mutiny Lane near Pocket Park 3. Here is Hooter’s trace of the trail of 3.8 miles (you can see at mile marker 1 the 3/4 mile nature trail no one ran).

Highlights: On Stewart Road the 1936 marker for Lafitte’s Grove & the Battle of Three Trees in 1821 between Freebooter Jean Lafitte and the Karanakawa Indians. Who won? (See links below.) Trees are still there shaped by the prevailing winds from seaward. A segment of about 3/4 mile of nature trail which Hounds short cut. Lone Pint Belgian Ale & Keystone Light at end of trail. Beached Laser sailboat at center of the circle for balancing acts. Circle led by Pimp Doggie Dog and passed on to Vanilla Starfish.

Hounds Ass Wipe, Anal 101 & wife & 2 kids, PP & Saltwater Taffy & kid Holden, Santa Claus, Grind Slut, Gaslight, Parson’s Nose, new boot Zanahoria (sp?), Vanilla Starfish, Ass Grabber, Steps In Shit, Easy Rider & kid Adam, Pimp Doggie Dog, Cums Anyway, McPisser, F**k Me Running, Hooter Bill

— Hooter Bill

Correction from Asswipe: A few “nobody’s” actually ran true trail along the nature preserve – Ass Swipe, Saltwater Taffy, Out of Tuna, and Steps in Shit. Those who didn’t run it missed a very fine portion of trail; those who did were the last to the beer check.