August Full Moon

Hares: Snatchattariass and Monica Spewinsky

Brrrrgggghhhhh’s account:

Last night’s FM had a great showing! At the circle, Grind’s count of 30 hounds grew to 40 in a matter of seconds. Snatch challenged his counting abilities. The hares?were still given grief for not supplying enough beer.

Sparse flour at many points left the pack searching for minutes upon minutes. Gaslyte and Out of Tuna found their way to the end about 50 minutes before the main pack came in. Others went back to the cars. Main pack came in at about 9PM. Snatch went looking for stragglers and came back with a few. H’ache made an appearance; he shared of recent camping experiences while in Leadville. Tai Tai never made it to the end; he had run Rice and jumped in w the FRBs at the Valhalla beer check.

Monica Spew proudly wore his flour (his 1st time haring). I believe he went to the On-On-On with flour still caked on his face! Gaslyte offered a towel as he jumped behind his steering wheel. He declined. She replied, “Freak.” Monica is simply trying “to bring sexy back” (as he shared with me during the circle).

My opinion: a tricky trail bc of sparse flour yet a?REALLY FUN time nonetheless!!! Thanks to the hares for their trail!

Hooter’s Account:

And it was gratifying for Hooter for a change, to come in with the main pack (about 9 pm), after catching up with the pack by Miller Theatre in Hermann Park. The pack had been checking so long at Miller Theatre that some usual
FRBs (McP, Tai Tai Toy, PP?, Estrus?)had already given up and run back to the start. End was at the familiar pavillion on Almeda Road. Estrus and PP and Tai Tai Toy never got to the end (PP may have got there earlier and
left???). Anal 101 & Gaslight had caught the Hares near the zoo and lakes, but they did a catch and release so hares could finish the trail. Buy Your Own Beer Check was at Valhalla on Rice Univ campus. Start was at Chelsea
Street & Montrose Blvd near bridge over Hwy 59.

Here’s Hooter’s list of all in sequence going left around the circle led by Grind Slut: Hooter Bill, Roll Model, Parsons Nose, NARC, Out of Tuna, Anal 101, Will He Peter, Hindlegs, Just Michael, Road Kill, Just Ashley, Gaslight, Heartache (auto hashing in white longsleeve shirt & seer sucker long pants & socks and loafers!), Just David, McPisser, Pull The Plug, Krust Kreme, Where’s Your Seester, Just Jack, Pussy Checker, Brrrgghh, The Pits, Just Tiffany, Just Shannon, Power Tool. Also mostly in the circle all the time were Hare Spewinski (maybe renamed Monica Spew??) & Hare Snatchatarius & RA Grind Slut. Hooter’s count was 28 at the end.