Heartache’s Birthday PC

Hare: Heartache

Here’s Hooter. After we were all at the PC beer check where the creek and the railway trestle cross old Galveston Road, the pack found trail across the street going into the bushes alongside the creek going east. However, as Hooter told Pull The Plug, “I think I’ll try to parallel along Allendale Road.” So Hooter ran east on Allendale but had to go quite a distance before being able to turn left (north) and then back left (west) to run along Howard Dr (going west) to find flour crossing Howard Dr to the right (north) to a check behind a church.

That check proved difficult for Hooter. Hooter solved it and found flour continuing west along Howard Dr and across the bayou to the arrow at Cesar Chavez High School pointing north around the backside of the school. Hooter suspected the end would be the bridge-from-nowhere on Old Galveston Road (or similar) but Hooter elected to keep running on Howard Dr the mile back to the start. Driving by car back to Old Galv road Hooter found flour occasionally but thought it may have ended in the neighborhood cleared of houses on the other side of the Goodyear plant, so Hooter drove there & found nothing & used Hooter’s cell phone (a trying experience) to call WTFAY and also Roller Balls to leave voice mail asking where are you.

Then Hooter started driving back to old Galv Road but Hooter’s Pt Cruiser got swept up onto the big huge bridge on 610 going over the ship channel and Hooter was at the Budweiser brewery at I-10 before Hooter knew it, so Hooter pointed Pt Cruiser back into town on I-10 to Cafe Brasil to sip sauvignon blanc and sup on black bean dip.

We counted 22 hounds who started, and just about all got to the beer check about the same time. Plus Hare Heartache and Beer Bitch Bushsnapper.