December PC Hash

Hared by John Boy

Hooter counted 14 hounds* plus John Boy the live Hare. At least two (John Boy and Limp Noodle) actually went down the big hole and through the tunnel under I-10, while others finessed it. In fact Hooter, after circling Stude Park at the start, holed up at Onion Creek, and joined the pack at the end on the abandoned railway line by the bayou. The rain stayed away. On on on was at Onion Creek.

*Limp Noodle (from Edmonton) , Baby Huey (from San Diego), Pee Pee, Pee Wee, Le Pussy Checker, Heartache, Saran Crap, Il Castrato, Roller Balls, DoppelGangBanger, Butt Pirate, Hooter Bill, Who The F**k Are You, Ass Grabber (with propane heater at end).

John Boy picked Limp Noodle for the PC Hare for January. He said he’ll still be in the area until mid-January, and will probably hare it on Thursday Jan 14.

Your scribe,
Hooter Bill