Blue Moon Full Moon

Hared by Just Ali, Dr Strange Rub, and Vote for Pedro

Thanks for a great time last night. You get my vote for most retarded trail of the year! That keg of Blue Moon was awesome and the way our French friend took control of McPissers beer jug full of oranges added a nice touch to the beer service. I’ve never felt that classy. Congrats to Ali for FINALLY getting her name! I think we have tabled more names for her than anyone else in the hash. One suggestion was actually “Table Her”, but after her attempt to cut the circle short we decided that she was being a jerk and she shall henceforth be known as “Circle Jerk”. Just make sure you are never DFL or else you’ll have to eat the cracker. Also, congrats to Dr. Strange-Rub for being defloured with TWO full bags of flour last night.

After the circle was over, I was gifted the last 1/6th of beer that was in the keg, which ended up at Avant Garden with me for a friends birthday. We ended up spending more time in the parking lot with the keg than in the bar. Why pay for more beer when I just paid 5 bucks for a keg? I’ve never felt so awesomely shady in my life. But now I’m rambling so I’ll call it quits. Thanks again to the hares for the great hash, a perfect way to end the year.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year! Be safe tonight.

On-on ya’ll,
Richard Assley, but you can call me Dick.