POW: Hooter’s birthday

Back in the day, before we had a website and a hotline and a Yahoo group and Facebook, future hashes were advertised by handing out flyers during the circle.

From Pitts comes this flyer, Hooter Bill’s 700th Run. Some interesting things to note about this flyer:

  • • Hash cash was $4 in 1994
  • • The fine print: Be forewarned! None of that wanker swill (Bud Light or Miller Light) will be quaffed on this night — Hooter is known as a connoisseur of the finest swill money can’t buy. Did he actually drink a St. Arnold Amber on this night?
  • • Pitts also notes that this was the first keg of St. Arnolds ever consumed at the hash.

Hooter turns 72 (!) this week. Happy birthday to our Hash Grand Master.