Bimbos and Berries Full Moon Trail

Hared by Heartache, Ewe Do Her and Just Megan

Heartache (Hare) = Blue, true except long check in Fonde Park
Dumpster Digger = neon green
McPisser = red
Pussy Checker = yellow
Rancid A = purple
Brian = orange

Also, just for fun, Mcpisser’s last full moon (May) is in black and the actual May trail is in white.  Waaaaay off trail last month.  On trail but backwards this month.

Amongst several other attempts, we did manage to squeeze in two awesome namings:

Flabimbo: for the hot one-legged chick. Combination of flamingo and bimbo, in case you didn’t already figure that out on your own.

Cowasucky: for Megan the virgin hare, because she rides a harley, hates rice burners (but is rumored to have formerly ridden one), and told McPisser that she used to look like a heifer.

Congratulations to you both!