Hash #1745 – Butt Pirate’s 40th Birthday Hash

Hares:  Butt Pirate, Heartache, Pull the Plug

What do you get the man who has everything?  How about a hash run!  With the help of his trusty co-hares, Butt Pirate was able to enjoy the company and complaints of his best friends as they were sent into the wilds of Pasadena.

Like all great hashes, the pack gathered on the blacktop of an empty parking lot in the sweltering Texas heat.  The good thing about this particular gathering was the promise of a pool ending and a 95% shiggy run.

The pack started out running down a short street and hitting a check almost immediately.  After some searching the next mark was found across the bayou.  Some hounds were unlucky and crossed the water, others were fortunate enough to find a small plank of a bridge to cross.  After running along the bayou for a bit the hounds came to another check right on Fairmont Parkway.  I was lucky enough to get to the check after it had already been solved so I quickly ran across a field and into the deep brush with the rest of the pack.

After some running in the bush, the pack came back to the bayou.  Here we found that it would’ve been wiser to stay on the first bank because the hares had the pack cross the water again.  It was at this point that Black Bush came speeding down the hill screaming “WEEEEHHHOOOOO!!!!” and charged right into the water crossing.  Luckily the water was only about knee deep and she just kept on chugging along.  After the water crossing the pack met up with Pull the Plug at the first beer check, conveniently located in the shade under Red Bluff.

After the beer check the hounds set off along some very nice, shaded running paths next to the bayou.  There were a few bayou crossings but, luckily, they were across some fallen trees or exposed rocks, because no one likes running in wet shoes.

After a little longer, the FRBs came to a check that seemed to stump them and slow them down quite a bit.  The check was next to a large opening in the trees on the bayou and to the left was a large empty field.  Some of the hounds spent a lot of time traversing said field looking and looking for a mark with no success, giving the pack a chance to catch up.  After this heinous check (which I was lucky enough to run right through), the hares gave the pack a nice long strait-a-way which led them to a second beer check manned by Heartache.  Here the hounds enjoyed a tasty beverage or two and took advantage of some cool water.

After the beer check, the hounds started to recognize the neighborhoods and parks and realized they were close to the end and a nice refreshing dip in the pool.  The hares laid trail along some more running trails next to the bayou and behind Butt Pirates house.  Soon the pack saw the sign they all know and love; BN!  Beer Near! The trail was over!

The end of trail took place in Butt Pirates backyard.  There was a delicious keg of Dos Equies and a yummy keg of lone star for Hooter Bill.  Butt Pirate provided many delicious foods and Heartache grilled up some dogs for the hungry hounds.  The many reboots that came to the hash were called in the circle and due to some missing mismanagement members, Rollerballs was made substitute RA.  As the sun set in the west and beers were consumed, some hashers felt the call of a shower and a bed. Many others heeded a different call.  A call to the trampoline.  The on-after took place at the pool and the rest of the beer was consumed.  All in all, a great trail and an even better ending.   And to Butt Pirate?  Happy Birthday, F*@k YOU!  Let me go find your cane and hearing aides.