Hash #1748 – I F*cked Your Rancid Puke’s Fab-U-Lous Hash!

Hares:  I F*cked Your Dad, Rancid A$$hole, Duke of Puke

Treating the hounds like the dogs they are, the hares decided to start their trail at the Ervan Chew Park at the standard summer time of 4 pm.  Little did the pack realize that hanging out under the trees was the most shade they would have the entire run.  As the hares did chalk talk, rumors were floating around the pack about where flour had been seen in town earlier that day.

“It’s by the Randals.” “I saw flour by Specs.” ” “Boobs are awesome.” “Follow me, I know where I’m going.” were just some of the whispers heard during chalk talk.

Then the hares laid down an arrow and sent the pack on it’s way.  As soon at the hash started, the entire Norton Clan, led by Ez 2 Please, took off north towards Richmond as everyone else paralleled Richmond following flour.  It was the last time anyone saw the rogue hashers the rest of the day.

After an initial check, the trail headed north through some neighborhoods towards the Menil Park.  It was here that the pack got thrown off due to the fact that hares forgot that a cyco-hash had been laid the day before.   True trail went to the east and through St. Thomas University.  Here the hounds were cheered on by security guards patrolling the area on golf carts.  It was a fantastic boost in morale after the cyco-hash debacle.

As the trail continued north, the heat started to take its toll on the hounds.  Many of them started to drop off and walk the trail.  I spent most of the time with Pissticide and Rain Bitch as we made our way through the Montrose Area.  We eventually came to a “Q” check right across from J.R’s bar where we had to do our best “Heeeyyy!” before leaving the check.  It was FAB-U-Lous!!!!!  There were quite a few interesting looks given by the locals.  I felt like my running shorts were completely see through as we walked through the streets.

After the rainbows faded away, the trail headed south and led us right to the home of Duke Of Puke where we were greeted with tasty bbq, cupcakes, a delicious keg of St. Arnolds and a shot block shaped like a shoe.  The lovely I F*cked Your Dad happily provided chocolate and birthday cake flavored liquor for the hounds.

After the circle was started, the hares moved the shot block over and we were lucky enough to have shot block down downs.  Eventually the rogue group of hashers came stumbling in to the yard and they tried to explain what had happened.  It was then that the entire Norton Clan received the hash-shit as a group, which was a first for the Houston Hash.  After I Fucked Your Dad started getting feisty drunk and wanting to fight, the circle ended and the hounds headed out to Grif’s for the on after.  I was unable to attend, but I heard it was a good time.