Three Dogs and a Kat Run

Hares: The Ree-Ro Crew. I don’t know all of their names. Look it up if you’re that curious, asshole.

This was somewhere south and the weather was really nice. I walked most of it with my On-Sec counterpart Dick ‘the clown from midtown’ Assley (I don’t know if he lives there) There was a golf course and sewage. DA kept trying to grab my peenie but I wasn’t having it. Seriously, if you’re ever on a trail with Dick ‘Ball Fro’ Assley wear a cup. Ol’ grab hands can’t get him enough testes. I hope that’s all changed. I wouldn’t know, I can’t look him in the eyes to this day.

Enough about Dick “Bleached Anus’ Assley, this run was fun and I couldn’t understand a word the hares said.

Also, interesting fact; the White House got it’s name because some Brits and Canadians burned down your presidential mansion in 1814.