Hash # 1776 – Master Chugger’s 30th Analversary Hash

Hares: Master Chugger, Emeritus, Hooter Bill, Slumbag


What a fun time and a great turnout for MC’s 30th year of hashing celebration!
If you weren’t there, you missed a fast trail, plenty of heat and food at the
On-In, and a hilarious circle!

Here are a few of my memories:

1) Slumbag, a co-hare, shared with me that she bought her plane ticket to
Kenya! She’ll be hashing there in May.
2) WHP, Digital Input, Poison and his wife, Lover Legs, were a few reboots.
Poison and Lover L. haven’t hashed in years. When asked why they don’t hash
anymore, Poison said, “Look at us. We’re old!”.
3) Horsefli called out Ramrod, 3 in the Stink and Urban Cocksucker for
representing the bank robber and child molesters!! You had to be there!!!
4) Saran Crap wore a Hamburger Helper hand as his beanie! Again, you had to be
5) Dick Assley called out Horsefli for giving Spin Cycle the worst case of
herpes known to mankind! (Spin went spinning out of control during Lube Job’s
cycho hash on Saturday and fell face first).
6) Blow Hole called Lube Job into the circle for attempt to injure the Houston
Bimbos! (Blow Hole apparently fell face first too but while running the Ho as
Lube J. passed her on the bike).
7) Horsefli THEN called Blow Hole into the circle for wanting to have sex with
grannies!!! LOL! All Blow H. wanted to do was take care of hash cash and get
home to watch the Grammys!!!
8) Hooter Bill wore his sweater once more….as ICP said, “From Baby Gap” and
was called into the circle for his homeless appearance. One accusation was
while Hooter was laying trail with MC and Slumbag that a passer-by asked, “Who’s
that homeless guy with two hot chicks?” Then Small Johnson, who was credited
for not giving a typical lame accusation and in under 30 seconds, informed the
hash that Hooter Bill, in the same Baby Gap sweater and hole-filled pants, was
given free service at a Starbucks the day before!!! (Hooter seemed really proud of
this moment!).
9) The On-After had 1836. Wow. Very tasty.
10) Small Johnson, with sincere sentiment, thanked me and other hashers for
being a part of his 20 years of hashing. I think he owes us a keg!! (I reminded
Small J. of how he makes a beautiful bride. Yes, he still has that elegant
white dress that probably makes most women a bit envious).

I enjoyed seeing the old pics from way back when….of when Hooter had brown
hair and of a pic printed in the Houston Post (1980s) of MC laying trail. The
pic caught her tossing flour and smiling.

The Houston hash is very fun and thanks to all who made yesterday a special day
for Master Chugger!!


I also loved seeing all the wonderful photos from the hash’s past of a young Hooter and Lovely Master Chugger.



Dick Assley (Hash Trash Officially stolen from BrRRRRrrrggghh((again.))