Hash #1787 – The Leather and Lace Hash (Aka – S&M Punishment hash 2.0)

Hares:  Vanilla Starfish, Free Pussy

So what was supposed to be the Leather and Lace hash really turned into the 2nd Anal Punishment hash for no other reason than the hares strange fetish for S&M and anal play.  The pack met up at Spotts park dressed in their Sunday’s best lingerie to a few strange looks from non-hashers coming to the park.  We were also lucky enough to have some spying eyes from the roof of the adjacent building.  One even flashed us as we waiting to start.   Finally the hares did chalk talk and we were on our way to the promised Alcohol check .   The trail itself ended up being just a bunch of straight lines along Washington and Allen Parkway with out any shade.  Finally, after almost melting, we made it to the Alcohol Check at Tony’s Corner Pocket,  one of the gayest bars I’ve ever seen in Houston.  There the hounds were provided with vodka any way they wanted or water.  The clients hanging out inside had no idea what to do with themselves when they saw the men in lingerie.  Lucky for them, there was a stripper pole in the bar and I was able to do a little do to show our appreciation to the bartenders.

After we left the bar, we ran down more unshaded streets until we came to a boob/jello shot check.  Thankfully we have awesome hariettes like Snatcha, Jordan and Laura that are both enthusiastic and busty to make boob checks worth the wait.  From there we ran through the Montrose area which caused many a googly eyes and dropped jaws.  I even got an entire bar to cheer as I ran past in my fishnest body suit.

Finally we ended up a Free Pussy’s backyard which was filled with Free Pussies.  There hares provided a refreshing keg of beer and plenty of melons.  Circle was called and the current mismanagement was given honorary dogtags for their awesome work this last year.  We made some nominations for next years mismanagement and started accusations.  Tale of Two Titties and C3PHoles were called in and recognized for the awesome Texas Beer Fest.  The hares at one point pulled out a whip but couldn’t quite get it to crack well enough so Just Jordan took a turn and silenced everyone with her skillz.  She was then pulled into circle and given the name “Indiana Bones and the Temple of Poon”.  Finally the hares called in all of those dressed in lingerie for the best dressed judging.

Indiana Bones was there in her red teddy leading ButtChug by a leash and spanking unsuspecting hashers with a leather paddle.  Platterpuss and Just Laura were close to wearing matching outfits but Laura made it look so much better.  Spin Cycle had her maid outfit on, which is always nice and  Rain Bitch was there in an awesome leopard print outfit.   I myself was in “stiff” competition for best dressed against F*cking Tree Hugger in his lingerie.   And even though Whale’s Vagina said he couldn’t pull off a fishnet body suit with his body, he was very comfortable wearing a crop top and showing off his “abs”.  I was a little sad that ICP, after his enthusiastic approach to the red dress run, decided to attend the hash in regular running clothes.  The winners were decided with Rain Bitch winning a candy ball gag with free mask, Laura won a gas powered bullet and I won an egg shaped pocket pussy.

After all the competition, the keg had run dry but the hares pulled out a cooler full of awesome beer.  The on-after was back at Tony’s  but I didn’t go.

On-On to This cuming weekend’s  H4 Spring Campout.