H4 Spring Campout! Cinco De Mayo 2012!

Hares:  Geek, Horsefli, Heartache, Too Drunk to Fuck, Dick Assley, Catcher in the Brown Eye, Flatline, the rest of Mismanagement and anyone else that helped run things.  

Well, the H4 spring campout was this past weekend and boy was it a hoot.  It all went down at an awesome place called MYBEACH1.com right on the San Jacinto river.  It had plenty of camp space, shiggy swampland, two beaches, a pavilion and lots of great people.

Here are some of the highlights that I remember (if you have more, let me know and I can edit this):

1.  Hanging out on Thursday with some of the “old guys” to set up and then chillin with Catcher drinking and looking at the “clouds” coming from one of the refineries.

2.  Prelaying Sunday’s trail on Friday and watching people come pouring in and heading right to the river.

3. Chorizo’s awesome food on Friday night and Saturday morning.

4.  Flip cup practice and the mosh pit on Friday night.

5.  Hanging out on the beach and the fire circle on Friday.

6.  Semper and Flatline helping me with the hash olympics.

7.  Team “Gay Canada” participating in the olympics.

8.  Someone somehow convincing UnLaidenSwallows to suck on a banana when she claims that black girls don’t do “that”.

9.  Napping on the beach to the sounds of a 3 hour zippy trail song circle (and sleeping for that long too.)

10.  Playing on the jet skis

11.  The official naming of Taylor as “Underboob” (you guys need to remember the song to Underdog better though.)

12.  AssGrabbers awesome dinner on Saturday night.

13.  SHOT BLOCK! (I got to take a shot of Flatline’s nipples. (A first for both of us!)).

14.  Whoever gave Tai Tai the opportunity to take a shot of their nipples.  I know he appreciated it.


16.  The hardest Jello shots I have ever eaten on a hash.

17.  The bonfire on Saturday with the official naming of Hole in One’s hole to “Jason’s Deli”.

18.  The renaming of Slut Laura to Jizzabel and the naming of someone else I think, I can’t remember.

19.  Finding body paint in my ears on Sunday.

20.  Snatcha sleeping on a picnic table on the beach and then moving to the picnic table by the grill to sleep on Sunday.

21.  Too Drunk’s pig monk birthday lazy himbo hash.

22.  The people that stayed for the regular Sunday trail.

23.  My Mismanagement Team.  You guys are awesome.

24.  The Hangover on Monday.

Those are the CLEAREST memories.  I know there are more but can’t remember them unless I’m that drunk again.  Thanks to everyone that came out and helped with everything.

Erections are in TWO weeks and then I’m outta here, bitches.