Hash Trash 1837

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TRAIL # 1837

Box Score

Hares: 3 (Dick Assley, impotent Flatline, ed cheap Whale’s Vagina)

Hounds: ~80

Kegs: 1 Full, herbal Cold keg of Harp

Kegs Drank: 0


To give our scribe a break, I offered my services.  That was stupid.  In any case, this is what I remember.

The day was March 17th 2013.  That’s either St Paddy’s day, or 2 to 3 days after Pi day, Steak and a Blowjob day, and the Ides of March – depending on how you want to look at it.  The pack assembled at the given time at Hans Bier House.  4 Virgins of the female variety were introduced to the marks as is standard procedure and then the pack was away.  The trail ran along Rice before winding through some of the uppity houses in West U.

We would eventually come to a beer check with about a 12 pack of Keystones.  The FRB’s did not wait (“racist bastards”), some not even bother to take a sip of the golden nectar (hahahha – I just called Keystone “golden nectar” – wow!).






However, the back end of the pack, including Hooter BillParsons Nose and a couple of visitors did their duties to kill whatever was left.

The trail eventually kept winding through neighborhoods (to Vagineer’s delight!)

And finally we saw the beer near just before trail finished on the other side of some train tracks.


Here is Pull the Plugs GPS track of the trail:



It was at this point, as the pack slowly trickled in, that we found our beautiful keg of Harp that we could not get beer out of.  See, Harp – like so many other European beers – takes a European tap.  The hares did not know this.  Future hares be warned!  Your scribe has included the info below for everyone’s info – note that all American beers are “D” which the Ubertaps will work with.

Use the table at the link below match the beer brand with the correct keg coupler/tap or picnic pump. The diagram below shows what the different systems of couplers look like. If you already own a coupler, and are unsure as to which type you own, just match it to the diagram below. If you find your beer brand, just click on the name of the correct keg coupler or picnic pump to take you directly to the correct page to purchase the item.



So, the hares went and bought canned beer.  The keg later turned up at the Eatme Monkey campout where it was enjoyed immensly, but that’s a different story.  Our RA Ramrod commenced the circle, where the hares (listed above) drank for laying such a shitty trail.  Our Virgins (4 of them) then drank, Just Lindsey, her two friends and also Shigmata’s new boot. (I should take notes).



Circle went on in No Repeat Sunday style. Hares drank quite a few times as hares will do.  We were introduced to Humper, a transplant now residing part time in Clear lake.  Several hundred down downs ensued, and circle came to the normal conclusion with swing low.  However, before the RA could get the phrase “May the hash go in peace” out of his lips – Sir Richard the Lying Farted lived up to his name and cast a heavy gas cloud over the event  making the circle break up prematurely.  Then we all adjourned to Hans Bier House to see how many people we could stuff into this thing:



That’s about all I got.  Stay tuned for a better hash trash next week when your regular reporters return


McPisser (with pics from Dickrectionally Challenged)


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