Hash #1839: The Easter Hash

Hares: Twinkle Toes, sale Shigmatta, Meatbox on snacky-poos?

Rogue: Tender Vittles & One Eyed Snake Charmer

Easter Sunday was a hashing day. Starting at an earlier than normal time of 2pm the pack joined up at the Full Moon parking lot of Memorial Park, everyone except for Blowhole who doesn’t know how to use the hash line or the internet just yet. The hares, I mean the real hares not the two hashers in bunny ears, decided to lay trail in easter eggs. The easter eggs were cans of Lone Star that were spray painted pink, blue, and poop and avoided any cold ice at all. Trail started into the outer rims of the Ho and was very well laid. This means there were tons of hot beer eggs to drink and not enough hashers drinking them as this was the freaking point! CSI made a valiant effort to drink every egg but complained that his prelube beer of Santa Fe Java Stout was filling up too much of his beer belly. In the internet this would be called a 1st world problem. So a short cutting he and Pogo went. Roadkill also did his part but woefully complained the he had drank colder coffee than these beer eggs. He told this joke 3 or 4 times and it got incrementally funnier to almost Jay Leno level but not quite there. Hopefuly he will refine it and add some new levels to it and then I will supply a purely complimentary guffaw.

The trail continued for about another case more and ended on the visible dirt road from the parking lot. I suppose Tender Vittles and One Eyed Snake Charmer didn’t drink a single egg bc before you could say “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” they had snatched up a bag of flour (and who brought it to this eggy effair?) and dashed off to create a rogue ho trail. This delighted many racist and nonracist hashers whose addiction to flour had not been met yet. Trail did the hoey thing that you would expect with many off trail excursions and backups. During trail Unlaiden Swallows gave a very intricate and lengthy poison ivy clinic to the Russian hasher Virgin Mary. Let’s see if she abides. At a check Just Josh errantly led a pack of 400 hashers the wrong way bc he saw some white trash in the woods. Wait I mean some litter not any real rednecks like Ass Grabber please no offense given.


Circle started and One Eyed Snake Charmer was defloured for his virgin trail at his rogue cohere Tender Vittles’ instructions. Except that One Eyed had laid his virgin trail with Heartache previously and got the flour treatment then. Whoopsie daisies bake a cake with it then. Androgymouth made it out to his 2nd trail in a row and consequently had some splaining to do to with more local authorities. Circle was thankfully pretty much over so the pack packed up and took it on over the Boneyard for some on on on type of revelry just after the rain storm.


That’s about all I have to say about that. We need some hares for upcoming hashes so step up and do your duty so we can please that booty the wrong way.