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Area Hashes  

Houston is home to other hashes besides the Houston Hash House Harriers,  All the Houston Hashes share common membership, so if you go to one you'll likely see many of the same people at another. By all means do as many as you can!  Click on the links below to visit each hashes site.  

The Space City Hash!  The Kinder Gentler Hash The SPACE CITY HASH, the kinder gentler Hash!

Motto: Run to Live, Live to Party

Runs: Every other Saturday or whenever a Hare feels like it or whenever Mighty Mouse or Fire Tunnel are bored.

Webmaster: Halfmoon

The Full Moon Hash The Full Moon Hash

Runs: Every Full Moon...  Hares are picked by the previous month's hares.

Webmaster: Saran Crap

otr.gif (2891 bytes) The OTR, The On The Rag Hash!


Runs: The 28th of Every Month

Webmaster: Saran Crap

The PC Hash The PC Hash, The Pelvic Congestion Hash


Runs:  Long and Hard!  ... also the 28th of every month.

Webmaster: Saran Crap


Area Hash Links A Hasher's Internet Survival Guide Area Hasher's Personal Sites Links to Other Hashes with Houston Ties

A Hasher's Internet Survival Guide

Global Trash 



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"Global Trash":  An excellent source for all yourhash needs, a directory, a hash bible, a hymnal, email lists, hash history, a CALENDAR of events, and even a Hash "chat" room (hopefully, better than H4's).   GT is sponsored by Larry "Stray Dog" McDowell in Ragland, Alabama.  PS: If you read deep into the hash bible, you'll find several verses involving our own hash disciple, Shuttle Cock.

Flying Booger's Hash Page  

"Flying Booger's Half-Mind Catalog":   Links to every hash locale/event/humor/song/shirt/thing under the sun.   Everything for the true hash "addict".


"Springs Harrier Information & Trash":   Zippy, the roving hasher from Colo. Springs, has something for everyone.  This site has one thing up on the rest of the sites, more nudie pictures.
Click Here to go to Houston's First Microbrewery

St. Arnold's Brewery:

Definitely a resource for any self respecting Hasher!  The best beer (in this Webmaster's opinion) in Houston.  Don't visit HOUSTON without trying this brew.    SA Brew is a staple an many of H4's runs and happy hours.  A special thanks to the owners, Kevin and Brock, who've done much (i.e. they let us tour the brewery and gave us beer) for the Houston Hash.



Area Hasher's Personal Sites

(beware, individual perversions may exist on these pages, thoughts expressed here are not necessarily those of the Hash)

 Roller's Ballatorium  

Roller Balls Personal Website:   Roller Balls, long time Houston Hasher, gives Houston a truly unique addition, maps of most of our runs, see every twist and turn.  Roller's page is also an excellent source for Hash songs.

 Altered Boy's Page @ 

Altered Boy's Personal Website:

AB!   a.k.a. Altered Boy,  brew master, and teller of tall tales.  Hey, if you don't believe him, just ask him!

Bald Eagle's Beaver Page

bviconl.gif (5875 bytes)

We weren't sure what to call it?:

  An ex-Miri Hasher, Bald Eagle gives us his "special" view of the world.

Saran Crap's Hash Site

Saran Crap, 1997 Joint Master:

Another great resource for Houston Area (H4, PC, OTR, SCH3, FM, etc) Hash info, Hash Trash, Photos, and Links.



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