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H4 Run #1624: Where the heck is Cumstain??

Hares: Grind Slut and I Am Cumstain

Sunday got off to a slow start! Campers gradually got out of their tents after a LONG night of partying, making their way over to the main tent for some much needed breakfast! Menage Myself (chef extraordinaire) whipped up some eggs, ham, and other breakfast taco items. He also had an assortment of “Continental Breakfast” items such as donuts, muffins, and yogurt. Food for every palate. Mimosas topped it all off for getting us tired hashers up and going. Continue reading

H4 Run #1622: Aaarrggg….Geek need cold Shower!

Hare: Geek

Campout weekend…..a time I’ve been looking forward to, but with some dread! Would we, Mismanagement that is, manage to live up to everyone’s expectations and put on a fun campout weekend? Getting set up the weekend before, I felt better knowing that we had a lot done. Other than picking up the tasty beer and food, it was all easy things left to do the Friday we started the campout! Of course, nothing ever goes as planned…..but I still declare at the beginning of this hash trash that this campout was….KICK A$$!! Continue reading

H4 Run #1621: Nurse’s Day Hash

Hares:  Pimp Doggy Dog, adiposity Cumoniwannalaya, capsule Pipes, Butt Pirate and Klosit Phreek

It was a gorgeous day for a run, Mother’s Day. The 4 o’clock start gave us more time to spend with our dear ol’ mums. The hares, our local nurses Pimp Doggy Dog, Cumoniwannalaya, Pipes, Butt Pirate and Klosit Phreek, were in rare form… or maybe not so rare.

There we are at the start across from the zoo awaiting chalk talk, and here cums Klosit Phreek with her special swine flu inoculation “shots”, wearing the sexiest nurse’s uniform I’ve ever seen, including 10 inch white pumps and a nurse’s hat. Everyone partook in her yummy jello shots and penicillin shots of Hypnotiq. Hearts warmed knowing that we were getting the best possible care and TLC from our beloved nurses. Continue reading

H4 Run #1620: Those Damn Mosquitos!!

Hares:  Horsefli Drivebi and Pink Slit

So as the hash got 3 days away from Sunday…still with no hare…MM sent out numerous emails BEGGING for someone to step up and be a hero! After my email threatening that if I hared, I would force a two mile straight stretch of road with no checks, I got 2 emails immediately saying they would hare! Yet again, Horsefli Drivebi stepped up to the task of haring another trail after just doing his Virgin Lay 2 weeks before! This time, he had Pink Slit by his side to arrange for beer and food! And it was a good day! Continue reading

H4 Run #1615: The Pitts, TB, and H’ache Run

Hares: The Pitts, Turtle Brains, and Heartache

The day was marvelous! No one could ask for a more perfect day! Clear blue skies, just right temps, and the promise of a good urban shiggy trail. Our hares, The Pitts, Turtle Brains, and Heartache had us meet at 3pm at the corner of Bingle and West Little York on the Northwest side of town for a most excellent trail!

As I arrived, I noticed Lorna Dunes and Geek getting Lorna’s bike all aired up. I pulled in next to them and opened up the back of my car where I had some beer ready to drink. Taking one out and pouring it into my vessel, I start my day of drinking….preparing for a hash. Continue reading

March Galveston Hash

Hares: BooBoo Bear and Goldiloxxx

So it was a BEAUTIFUL day for hashing! Due to it being spring break and the same day as the memorial service for a fallen hasher, attendance wasn’t what is usually is. But that did not stop us from having optimal fun! Those in attendance were Brady’s Bitch, 8″ Crack, Can’t Touch This (only till after the first beer check), Steps in Shit, Hooter Bill, Juices Flowing, Roll Model, Pound Puppy, Pearl Necklace, and Pleather Balls. We also had 2 Visitors from Baton Rouge…..I hope I get his name right….Holy Hoover and his wife ThumpHer. Continue reading

H4 Run #1613: The Ides of March

Hares: McPisser, Cums Anyway, Just Karyn, and Just Calvin

More pics taken by McPisser can be found here. If you’re on the H4 Yahoo Group you can view pictures from GladHeAteHer.

It was a perfect day for a hash run, to celebrate the Ides of March hared by McPisser, Cums Anyway, Just Karyn (named later in the day), and Just Calvin. Many togas were on display, some good, some bad, and some ugly.  And even some worn by our canine friends.  Hooterus Billus, doing his best Julius Caesar impression, had a two-minute head start before the rest of the toga-clad pack, plus one gorilla in a Toga departed the Fonde Rec center towards Downtown. Continue reading

H4 Run #1611: The Leather and Lace Run

Hares: Pearl Necklace and Vanilla Starfish

Pull the Plug’s pictures from the Leather and Lace Hash can be viewed by clicking above. Pictures from the On On On can be viewed here, thanks to Platterpuss.

The always entertaining, and never boring Leather and Lace Run was upon us. Who would show up in their best “bedroom” attire to sway the votes of the hares Vanilla Starfish and Pearl Necklace, and the hash as to who is “best dressed”? Our run began at an Elementary School over in Friendswood. The pack slowly started showing up around 3pm after the extreme amount of traffic on I-45, or for the fact that Rustic Ln. wasn’t marked with a sign. Hooter Bill, who arrived early, went back out to the street and made an arrow so as the rest of the pack would realize where to turn. He managed to save about 6-8 people! Way to go Hooter! Continue reading

H4 Run #1609: Post Valentine’s Day Hash

Hares: Tap Dat Ass and Chicken Pot Guy

After having missed the last time our visiting hare was in town, I ended up in bed sick as a dog and not able to make the run. This time, a much healthier 8″ Crack was able to make today’s run hared by Tap Dat Ass and visiting hare Chicken Pot Guy from New Orleans, or is it Virginia, or soon to be DC?? Considering CPG hared my first ever hash in New Orleans for the Red Dress Run almost 2 years ago, I was looking forward to today’s run! The start was at Old Spanish Trail and Cullen for a live hared trail at 3pm. Continue reading

H4 Run #1608: Save The Shiggy Run!

Hares: I Am Cumstain and Just Ryan

It was a great day for hashing. With temperatures in the 70s, order sixty or so hashers showed up for the Save the Shiggy run in Humble. Even though hare I Am Cumstain had been running a fever for two days before the run, order he and co-hare Ryan laid an interesting trail, capsule which confounded a lot of veteran hashers. Maybe the fever explains the beginning of the trail where the runner’s trail was indistinguishable from the walker’s trail. Or later, it could explain two competing arrows only a couple of blocks apart each pointing at the other arrow. In between the arrows, there were marks on all four corners of the street intersection…..what did that mean? Continue reading