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Wang Chung Slum Chug Hash – Jan 29 2017

H4 Hash in Belize!

March 22-26, 2017

Have you ever played volleyball in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean?  How about snorkel with nurse sharks during a feeding frenzy?  Have you ever pet a sting ray as it ate from a conch shell or watched a sea turtle eat grass 10 feet below water?

Come to our Belize hash and you will get to do all those things!  Don’t worry, if you need a little liquid courage to swim with the sharks there are unlimited drinks on board-all day.  This is all included with your rego!

Add in 2 hashes on Ambergris Caye, a glow beach party, live trivia against the locals, 80’s themed beach party, limited edition patch, traditional Belizean BBQ pool party, a chicken shit lottery, the best dammed little breakfast tacos you have ever tasted, and then tell me that a $220 rego is not worth it!

The hash hotel is located ON THE BEACH and consists of one and two bedroom apartments with plenty of space to share.  Contact Cougarrand (  or 2-Mennonite ( and get 25% off the listed price.


Register Now for Hashmas Party on December 3


Let your imagination run red at this year’s Hashmas Party, which will take place on Saturday, December 3, from 7 pm at the Leonel Castillo Community Center at 2101 South Street on the near north side.   Your $40 entry gains you St Arnold beer, Thai food, wine, spirits, dancing, a photo booth, and not-to-be-missed gimmee.   Register here.

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