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Nonsense, silliness and appropriate hash behavior.

H4 Spring Campout! Cinco De Mayo 2012!

Hares:  Geek, Horsefli, Heartache, Too Drunk to Fuck, Dick Assley, Catcher in the Brown Eye, Flatline, the rest of Mismanagement and anyone else that helped run things.  

Well, the H4 spring campout was this past weekend and boy was it a hoot.  It all went down at an awesome place called right on the San Jacinto river.  It had plenty of camp space, shiggy swampland, two beaches, a pavilion and lots of great people. Continue reading

Hash #1787 – The Leather and Lace Hash (Aka – S&M Punishment hash 2.0)

Hares:  Vanilla Starfish, Free Pussy

So what was supposed to be the Leather and Lace hash really turned into the 2nd Anal Punishment hash for no other reason than the hares strange fetish for S&M and anal play.  The pack met up at Spotts park dressed in their Sunday’s best lingerie to a few strange looks from non-hashers coming to the park.  We were also lucky enough to have some spying eyes from the roof of the adjacent building.  One even flashed us as we waiting to start.   Finally the hares did chalk talk and we were on our way to the promised Alcohol check .   Continue reading

The Death and Taxes Hash

Hares:  Death Cab for Bootie, Platterpuss*, Duke of Puke (as a stand-in for Platter)

50-60 hashers gathered on a downtown street side for chalk talk. I had gone for a little warm-up run (yes, I was made to drink for this) and saw that a cop car had pulled up asking questions.  Not sure what was said; the hash was subsequently left in peace to parade through downtown Houston.South, east, north, west, south again was sorta how the trail went.   Hares did a good job of keeping the pack together.   Continue reading



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