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H4 Spring Campout! Cinco De Mayo 2012!

Hares:  Geek, Horsefli, Heartache, Too Drunk to Fuck, Dick Assley, Catcher in the Brown Eye, Flatline, the rest of Mismanagement and anyone else that helped run things.  

Well, the H4 spring campout was this past weekend and boy was it a hoot.  It all went down at an awesome place called right on the San Jacinto river.  It had plenty of camp space, shiggy swampland, two beaches, a pavilion and lots of great people. Continue reading

POW: Hooter’s birthday

Back in the day, before we had a website and a hotline and a Yahoo group and Facebook, future hashes were advertised by handing out flyers during the circle.

From Pitts comes this flyer, Hooter Bill’s 700th Run. Some interesting things to note about this flyer:

  • • Hash cash was $4 in 1994
  • • The fine print: Be forewarned! None of that wanker swill (Bud Light or Miller Light) will be quaffed on this night — Hooter is known as a connoisseur of the finest swill money can’t buy. Did he actually drink a St. Arnold Amber on this night?
  • • Pitts also notes that this was the first keg of St. Arnolds ever consumed at the hash.

Hooter turns 72 (!) this week. Happy birthday to our Hash Grand Master.

The Hash Archives

To prove my love for the hash, I spent ALL WEEKEND attempting to reinstall the archives.

Not everything is there and not every link works, but most of them are up at

This covers 2006-1994 or so. I am still trying to get the archives between 2006 and when I took over in May 2008. For now, you can access some of the archives for those in-between years at the links below:

The link to the archives in the sidebar on the home page will be updated soon.

Happy Valentine’s Day. You can thank me later.

Muscle Phart tells a story

The Blue Moon is December 31, and the last time that happened was December 31, 1990. We did a run that night, the hares were, I think, Scum Puppy and Glassblower (anybody recall for sure?), and it was one to remember. The night was cold, clear, still. Trail started just outside the Addicks flood plain, the hares indicating that it shouldn’t be too difficult to follow. Mounting the levee and looking down, we saw what they meant: trail was set, not in flour, but in luminaria; down the levee, up, curving, and down again, meandering throughout the woods and bogs of the plain, up and out again, all lit by little candles in sacks. On trail, oddly, there wasn’t much calling out (no need of it, really), just the sound of feet on grass and the occasional curse at stumbling. All we needed was a little Schubert and we could’ve been our own ‘Ave Maria’ sequence in that classic Disney stoner flick. Ended in a parking garage. I could swear

We did some bowling for tvs (which would be odd, that being a Valhalla, not a Hash, New Year’s Eve tradition), or did we? I recall going to the Valhalla party afterward, and not much else. Yup, one of those times to remember, such a good time, in fact, that parts of it go unremembered.