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August 28 2016 – Pool Ending!

August 14 Hash in the wild, wild East (side)

Fiestavus! – July 24, 2016

RIP Clintoris

Clintoris stealing Hooter Bill’s wine.

Clintoris passed away Thursday morning in his home.

Stories from the yahoogroup include taking many long hash trips out of town with Muscle Phart.  The man must have had insufferable patience!  He also traveled with Puke and ran alongside Boy George.

Clintoris also introduced Full Service, now of Pikes Pike H3 into hashing by talking her into it at a Kicker Bar (That’s a 2-step bar for the young people).

From Peterbilt:

a cold january (not bill ) day in the early 90’s..the houston oilers were paying the cleveland browns on the tellyvision. A PLAYOFF GAME.. i was hare for the  REAL space city hash. i guaranteed that we would have time to watch the 4 p m  game. the 3 pm start was  gessner & westheimer in the parkin’ lot on the southwest corner of the intersection…an arrow pointed to the first mark behind a news stand….   X….  10 feet away was a false. 10 feet in the other direction was an arrow pointing the way on  north across the intersection to a …. X….  @ the northwest corner. ten feet away was a false. ten feet in the other direction was an arrow pointing the way on across the intersection to the northeast corner and another…  X  …. ten feet away was a false.  ten feet in the other direction was an arrow pointing on home to a sports bar 183 feet away. 45 minutes later clint o,ris came in…he said he lost trail @ westheimer and the beltway ….which was about a mile off trail.   he swore he was following flour….the caveat,,,,,, all through the afternoon,,,, there was a  very light snow fall…..go figure….
Clint  was a good friend from years past,, a strong family man who loved his kids and a decent individual who didn,t look the part ….but we had many excellent conversations through the years about the many things that are a part of what we know as life….he will be missed

On-on and RIP,

Epic Fail


Ninja Vanish!


Genital Warts HPV’s first trail as a hare. She tried to disappear, but McP got her in the end.

Cums Anyway seemed sympathetic.