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Hash 1803 – Urban Shiggy Envy

H4 #1803 – Blue Trails = Shigmata, Heartache, Reverse Cowboy

Hares:  Urban Cocksucker and Penis Envy

There was fear and loathing in the Houston Hash last week, amigos. Sunday was rapidly approaching, and no hare had yet to foolishly accepted the duty. Fortunately at Tuesday’s (awesome) full-ish moon trail, Urban Cock Sucker stumbled forward and volunteered, having been steeped in malty hops and hashly bon vivance during circle.  For help, he conscripted the aid of Penis Envy, who knew how easy haring with a hot co-hare was after his virgin lay only days prior. Together, they scouted a virgin shiggy trail and even convinced H4MM to take care of the beer. Brilliant plan, that.

Unfortunately, all did not go according to plan. A suntastic Sunday morning gave way to an aggressively rainy afternoon, and the hares had to re-lay flour that had been washed away. The sky water did not deter some three score of hounds and harriettes from making their way to Madison High School, which was apparently attended by some guy named Vince Young. Chalk talk was held under the sturm und drang of a westbound thunderhead, and the pack was off into the shiggy directly. Things started of slowly, as the pack crept forward, searching for scarce remnants of flour. This was all to the chagrin of Heartache, who was in a big hucking furry to…complain. Shiggy was thick with thorns and PI, all drenched in steady drizzle. At last hounds found their way to an abandoned stretch of Buffalo Speedway, before looping through more shiggy on the other side. Continue reading