H4 2013 Spring Campout


The 2013 H4 Spring Campout will take place May 31 through June 2 at Rio Bravo Motocross Park. Join H4 for some great trails, fun, games & beer (more details to follow).


May 31 through June 2


Rio Bravo Motocross Park
11610 North Lake Houston Parkway, Houston, Texas, 77044


From Hwy 59, Exit E. Mount Houston Rd. and Head East approx 4.7 Miles. Cross Greens Bayou and Make and Immediate Right

From Beltway 8, Exit North Lake Houston Parkway and Head West approx 2 miles Make Left into Park Just Before Greens Bayou


Chunderdome! Assemble a rag-tag band of wasteland warriors for the H4 spring campout! The Chunderdome awaits!

For those of you that don’t understand what the Chunderdome theme means, it’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland! The most important reference is the Mad Max series of movies, specifically Mad Max 2: Road Warrior. Video-game wise, if you’ve ever played a Fallout game (most recent, Fallout 3), the setting is heavy homage to the Mad Max films.

Some clips from Mad Max 2: Road Warrior to get you all into the mood!

Opening Chase Sequence

Meet Lord Humungus


Until May 5th — $60
May 5th to May 26th — $70
May 26th to June 1st — $80
One Day Pass — $40 (You’ll get food+drink+trails and maybe a T-Shirt, depending on available stock.)

A note from Mismanagement:

To help Ho Cheese Man’s following his car accident, when the prices do go up, the additional increase will go towards his fund. i.e. when the price increases to $70, $10 of that will go to the fund. When it increases to $80, $20 will be contributed to the fund.

We have limited stock of the best hash gimmies EVER, so get in while you can!

Alternatively, if you’d like to contribute directly to Ho-Cheese Man fund, you can go to
https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/send-money-online and use the email edrod.fund@gmail.com.

How to Register

A) See a member of mismanagement. You can pay with check or cash in person.

B) Register via Paypal below.

Full Weekend or Daypass? How many?
T Shirt size
Nerd Name of all attending
Hash Name of all attending


03:00 Kegs Tapped, Registration Opens
05:00 Get Acquantied Trail hared by Geek
06:00 Circle #1
07:00 Dinner (Grilled Burgers, Hotdogs)
08:00 Music, Dancing
10:00 Flippy Cup, Dodge Beer, etc.
11:00 Song Circles!

09:00 Breakfast (Eggs, Muffins, Fruit)
10:00 Registration Opens
11:00 Hash Olympics
12:30 Lunch (Sandwhiches, Ham, Turkey)
03:00 Medium Trail (4 Miles) hared by Little Pussy
03:00 Ball Buster Trail (7-8 Miles) hared by Little Pussy
05:30 Circle #2
07:00 Dinner (Roasted Pig, Vegetables)
08:00 Shot Luge Opens, Music, Dancing
10:00 Flippy Cup, Dodge Beer, etc.
11:00 Song Circles!
12:00 CHUNDERDOME (Naked Trail)

09:30 Brunch (Breakfast Tacos)
11:00 Hangover Trail
02:00 H4 Run #1850 hared by Ramrod and Save a Horse Ride a Mole
03:30 Circle #3
05:00 Cleanup and Disperse!

* Weather: 90 highs with 70 lows. Slight chances of rain.
* POOL! We have access to a Pool 24×7. Always rinse off before entering.
* Trails are shiggy. Bring many changes of shiggy clothing.
* Motocrossing not covered in your campout registation; if you want to MX, sign up at RioBravo when you enter.
* Day passes are available onsite.

Who’s Coming

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