Haring guide

Roller Balls, seasoned H4 hasher and hare, has these tips on haring a great hash:

1. Any trail of approximately 4 miles

2. It’s hare’s choice on beer. Remember cheaper beer makes the hash more money. Don’t forget you can get beer at Spec’s on Washington and Westcott on Sunday, just call at least a day ahead to order. And 7 cases of cheap beer like beast can be bought for the price of a keg. You have choices. Our hash rarely drinks more than one keg these days so stick to that. If more than 50 people show up to the run, go out and buy some cold canned beer to supplement. So make sure you know where those stores are when out scouting.

3. A few snacks. Some bananas+peanut butter+tortillas or some chips are fine. Meals complicate things, so save them for special occasions. Focus on the trail, that’s what people care about, and of course the beer.

4. Money. For you newbies out there. The hash will reimburse you up to $4 for every hasher, no more. So, if you are unsure how many people will be there, ask someone in mismanagement for an estimate. If the weather is cold and nasty, expect 20 to 30. If it’s heavy shiggy, 40 or so. In town on a nice day, 50 to 60. Good luck.

And one more tip:

5. On On On. Think about it and make sure the place you want to go is open and ready for us. Go by and have a beer after laying trail, it’s tasty and you can give them heads up. Don’t overestimate though, about 40% of the hash will make it to the On On On in most cases. Also, make the On On On someplace along the way home for most people. Keep it near the start and easy access from the end. It’s hard to resist stopping by for one more beer when you have to pass it by.