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The Hash has a long and storied history. Your best bet, if you want to know more, is to start with this tongue-in-cheek Wikipedia article about hashing in general and the very first hash house.

Houston’s hash has been around since 1979. In Houston, we’re only three generations removed from the original Hash House Harriers in Kuala Lumpur. Bill Panton, who hashed in KL, founded the Washington HHH in 1973. Jay “Captain Lewd” Gore, who hashed in Washington, founded the Philadelphia HHH in 1977. From Philly, Captain Lewd founded the Houston Hash in 1979. If you want to know more, ask Geek. He was one of the first Hashers in Houston and knows everything about the kennel’s history. Hooter Bill is another good resource, though he didn’t start hashing until run #10 or so.

More Hash History

Houston Hash Traditions

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  1. John Quirk

    Hi this is John The Baptist(Perth Hash, Western Australia) I did a 6 month hash tour of the U.S. in 1988. I met Bill January(Hooterville or something similar?) who went out of his way to take me to the run site. Just want to say Thanks Bill if you are still around or indeed still alive. Met up with one of the Houston Hashers in Japan about 2 years ago at Japan Nash Hash. Apparently Bill was still around then. Anyhow,
    OnOn and thanks a million if you can pass this message on to Bill January.
    All the best,


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