Hashit, meet the Hashit…

The Houston Hashit is both an award and a form of punishment. It comes in many forms. As of this date (February 2009) is it a frame-like structure with straps that can be worn as a backpack. Previously, in 2005 or so, it was a toilet plunger with a strap so that it could be slung across one’s chest and worn during a Hash run. Before that is was a different plunger with a different strap, and of course with different “decor” added over the years.

The Hashit, when it appears at a run, is awarded by the current owner to a new owner, in recognition of some dubious mistake or flagrancy exhibited on trail. When the old Hashit was a plunger, tradition held that the object would be passed around the circle for hashers to add their beverages to, and the recipient would then consume the drink from the bowl of the plunger.

With both the older and the current Hashit, it is expected that each owner will add an item of decor or a totem to the object, to be carried by future owners. Often this is an item representative of the previous owner, or an item found on trail. In a way, the Hashit is less severe form of punishment/recognition than the Pooperbowl.

Frequently, the Hashit gets stolen by visiting hashers, never to return. This explains why we’ve had at least three forms of Hashit in Houston.

Hashit Memories

From Parson’s Nose (2009):

Way back in 2002/3 while hashing in London I received a Hashit from some hasher visiting from Texas. After passing it around the City Hash for a while we passed it on to Athens Hash. Original Houston Hashit?It got as far as Perth, Australia in 2005.

Could this be the Original Houston Hash Shit? Check the photos. I traveled from UK to Greece with the Hashshit as hand luggage — it was too long to fit in my case. It passed through security at both air terminals without comment. I took the batteries out of the dildo as the switch was unpredictable.

I have always considered that Hashshits were intended to be created and developed by one hash and then released into the world to travel from hash to hash by passing on to a visiting hasher or to another hash during a suitable joint hash event.

From Hairy Palms, upon hearing that the Plunger Hashit may be returning to Houston (2009):

OMG!! Is this really the original plunger? If so, it really has a long history. It was presented to me adorned with ribbons, bows and rubbers. The outgoing Joint Master, Glass Blower and Wall Banger (I think) presented it to me as a scepter for use during Hash circles while I was Religious Adviser in ~1989. There were MANY beers served from it for various infractions of Hash etiquette. It also was the instrument of my inebriation due to my many infractions. I was always bad with Hash names. It was also the Instrument of Justice during many Trials by Gravity. Through it all, I expected that eventually the rubber taste would dissipate. It never did. Beers always tasted bad coming from the plunger/Chalice. Bud or Miller Lite is bad enough but, the Chalice made them worse. I even had a few recipients opt for their own shoe before they would accept the Chalice. A little muddy grit after a Trial by Gravity really made it SPECIAL!

AHH! the memories,
Hairy Palms