Marathon Mile

The Marathon Mile is a longstanding H4 tradition. The hash has “sponsored” Mile 24 for many years, passing out small cups of beer and water to the runners and yelling encouragements to them. We always dress up, and if you hash for any period of time eventually you will hear, while explaining the hash to someone else, “Aren’t you the people who pass out beer at the end of the marathon?” We’ve even won Best Mile several times. Previous themes have included Beach Party and Mardi Gras.

Here’s what we do:

  • Organize Hoopla for the Hash Mile (Allen Parkway and Gillette – across from the Federal Reserve building), the last lonely stretch of the Marathon before you get downtown. We encourage the runners, cheer them on, and unique amongst all Hoopla committees, feed them beer. Kegs and kegs of it.
  • Food for the masses, including The Great Kahuna’s endless pot of chili, Ass Grabber’s grillage, and tons of other stuff that folks just bring out.
  • Entertainment. We usually manage to arrange for a band to play at our mile. Otherwise, we’ve got a DJ.
  • Kid and Family Friendly Hash Mile.
  • A different Hoopla theme every year. Last year we were construction workers; we’ve done toga parties, true-to-your-school; every year it’s different. Please reply to all with your suggestion for a theme!
  • Post Marathon Volunteer Party at The Brewery Tap, including free beer and pizza for all volunteers.
  • The Marathon Hash, a delightful romp through downtown and the surrounding area.

This is basically H4’s only community service project of the year (besides collecting money for Tourrette’s), so if you attend, please help the Mile Captain with set-up beforehand or trash pick-up after. In addition to the beer and bands, a few hashers cooking. Come as early or late as you want and stay as long as you want. Just be sure to dress up, and help out (i.e. don’t just come to drink the beer for free).

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The Hash Mile is roughly the ENTIRE distance between Montrose Ave. and the Sabine Street Bridge along Allen Parkway. The focal point of the Hash Mile (i.e. where the beer is) is at Allen Parkway and Gillette Street, across from the Federal Reserve Building. Gillette Street is accessible from West Dallas.


Way to get there (since the roads are always blocked off): From 610Loop/I-10, go I-10 East, take the 45 south exit, stay right and take the Dallas exit. Go right on Dallas street until you hit Gillette and turn right. Gillette dead ends at Allen Parkway, almost exactly at the Hash Mile focal point. Alternately, you can always ride your bike (or walk) to the location.


Will be available on the service road of Allen Parkway eastbound and along Gillette Street. Please note that both the east & westbound lanes of Allen Parkway are closed *early* (before 7 a.m.).


Half marathoners should come through around 7:48 a.m. From there, it will be a steady stream of half and full marathoners.


The mile needs to be covered in its entirety (not just near the beer keg!), with volunteers within sight of each other. Hashers may be asked to act as road guards at different points in the mile for an hour or two at a stretch.

First and foremost we are out there to provide a fun and safe passage for the runners. If you are passing out beer, make sure runners *know* that is beer in the cup you are giving them! Do not, under any circumstances, allow minors to pass out beer. This is a big No No in several ways.

In addition to the expected wonderful hoopla, please lend a hand to the Mile Captain, in whatever they need done. Bring trash bags and leave the whole mile clean. If you can get there early please help with balloons on the Sabine St. Bridge. And *please* stay out of the street and keep others out of the way of the runners.

There will be medical personnel on bicycles at each mile in case a runner needs help.


  • Warm clothes (dress in layers to strip down as it gets warmer)
  • Your costume
  • Extra water or beverages as desired (beer will be provided, but don’t count on the Hash for all of your thirst needs)
  • Food to share with fellow hashers and/or your personal stash…..Yes, they’re cooking, but it’s going to be a loooong day)
  • Chair (if you think you need it…it’s going to be a long day)
  • Drinking vessel, to cut down on plastic crap

Good luck to all the H4 runners, and thanks to Master Chugger (H4 Mile Captain 2003-2005) for compiling this guide!