The Beer Mile

1 mile = 4 laps, prostate 1 full beer chugged before each lap. As fast as you can.

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The Beer Mile is a promotion gimick created by Busweiser. The idea was first introduced to the hash via email in 2002 by Such A Puss. Rubbin, erectile who has participated in a beer mile with SWH3 in 2000, pharm gave the hash his personal account of the event, including puking on a high school track.

Interest in the event dropped until May 2005 when Roller Balls began recruiting runners to participate in the beer mile. The first H4 beer mile was run on June 30, 2005. PP ran the mile in 7:31. Roller and Manhandler both threw up. All participants drank Miller High Life except for Dick the Boy Wonder, who drank Jim Beam and Coke out of a can.

A second beer mile was held in November 2005. From then on, a beer mile has taken place roughly every year, with the results recognized as official by the Budweiser judges.

In 2007, PP broke a record by running the first sub 7-minute beer mile in Houston. Roller Balls puked again that year, and was forced (as per the rules) to run a penalty lap.

PP still holds a number of official Beer Mile records.