The Expeditionary Hash

From Heartache, the founder of the Expeditionary Harsh:

The Expeditionary Hash was started, with a few specific “guidelines”, as a reaction to two things:

  1. he increased percentages of “street” runs (as “shiggy” close to Houston becomes more difficult to set runs in, due to the urbanization of many of our traditional hash venues)
  2. the apparent shift of focus from the run to the after run circle (e.g. a 40 minute run followed by a 2 hour after run circle)
  3. I am not saying that street runs are wrong; it is obvious from numbers that these are better attended than some more traditional shiggy runs, and require less effort from the hares, who have to dedicate time and effort to trail setting. And I am not saying that the socialization after the run is wrong. It is just a different balance of priorities.

    So the Expeditionary hash was formed. It is an “occasional” hash, run when a hare volunteers (so far, they have mostly been set by L’il Pussy and myself – with one set by Schlumbag and Goes both Ways). Why so few volunteers? It is hard work (see below!)

    The guidelines are the following:

      Set in the Sam Houston forest or equivalent deep woods, with an effort on virgin territory. Paved roads – if any – will be crossed, not run on!

    • Run to be longer than a regular hash ( maybe up to 10 miles – or more if the hare feels like it), but with ample hydration/bail out opportunities
    • Simple trail – no false trails. deep woods hashing is sufficiently challenging that false trails are not needed
    • Hare has responsibility for setting trail and hydration stations. Pack is responsible for BYOB, snacks, etc. pack may voluntarily reimburse hare, but no formal hash cash. All contributions greatly appreciated by the hare who has spent quite a lot of time preparing a trail and money supplying the hydration
    • No formal circle: casual socializing with simple celebration of the run, one down-down for the hare but no formality or accusations required (kinda like it used to be on the space city hash!)
    • opportunity for camping in the woods either before or after (everyone responsible for themselves)

    If this laid-back hashing style, and the opportunity of running in glorious deep woods, attracts: come out and support the Expeditionary Hash. And if the run gets your juices flowing, think about haring one!

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