Other Hashes

Houston Hash Community

Houston is home to other hashes besides the Houston Hash House Harriers. All the Houston Hashes share common membership, so if you go to one you’ll likely see many of the same people at another. By all means do as many as you can! Call the H4 Hotline at 71-DIAL-HASH, consult the calendar, or click the name of the hash for more info about the kennels listed below:

  • H4 Yahoo Group — Get emails about runs, interesting hash conversations, diversions from work. There are smaller Yahoo Groups for some of the specialized hashes below, but this is the main group where information about all events in Houston, and many in Texas, can be found.
  • Full Moon Hash— Runs every full moon. Hares picked by the previous month’s hares.
  • Galveston Hash — The Galveston, TX, hash can take place anywhere between Houston and the Gulf Coast, though it’s usually on Galveston Island. Generally runs once a month.
  • CychoHash — A hash for bicyclists. They also have their own website.
  • OTR (On the Rag) Hash — A bunch of bloody good women who hash once a month.
  • PC (Pelvic Congestion) Hash — Men only hash. Usually runs on or around the 28th of the month, when the men have Pelvic Congestion because the women are OTR.
  • Mosquito H3 — based in west Houston/Katy. Runs every other Wednesday night.
  • Brass Monkey H3 — based in north Houston/The Woodlands. Runs every other Saturday.
  • eATMe H3 — College Station/Brenham-based hash who hold frequent campouts and bluebonnet runs.

Texas Hash Community

International Hash Community

  • Hashspace — A *private* social network for hashers. You must get an invite in order to join (hint: ask around on the Yahoo Group). Once you have an account, look for the Houston-area hashes there. The link here goes to H4’s group page.
  • Asia-Pacific Harrier — Destinations, activities, events, and a way of life in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Half-Mind Catalog — An online magazine for the international Hash House Harrier community.
  • The Half-Mind Weblog — By Flying Booger of the Pima County (Arizona) Traditional H3
  • On On Magazine — For half-minds who can read.
  • The World Hash House Harriers Home Page — 21,111 World HHH Members and Counting. Are You?