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February Cychohash Trash and some announcements!

Hare: The Pitts

More pics from the February 2009 Cychohash can be viewed here.(Ed. note: Shiggy-shaggy!) rode 15.2 and I rode 17.3. It was quite nice but boy was it windy. Can someone please tell me how you can ride your bike, twist in turn in streets, and be in the wind 85% of the time? I do say, the directions with the wind were phenomenal. The food was also yummy — meatless red and veggie lasagna. I had thirds. Kudos to Small and Leia for riding the trail together. Leia just turned 4 and rode in the Kanga Pack with Small the whole way. What a great family experience. Please remember, children are always welcome at the Cychohash. Continue reading

January Cychohash


Grind Slut hared the January Cychohash in the area near the Houston Ship Channel. The day featured an interesting, compact trail; delicious beer selection; scenic on-home; and perfect weather. Click the picture above to see all of D**khead’s photos from the ride.