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Bimbos and Berries Full Moon Trail

Hared by Heartache, Ewe Do Her and Just Megan

Heartache (Hare) = Blue, true except long check in Fonde Park
Dumpster Digger = neon green
McPisser = red
Pussy Checker = yellow
Rancid A = purple
Brian = orange

Also, just for fun, Mcpisser’s last full moon (May) is in black and the actual May trail is in white.  Waaaaay off trail last month.  On trail but backwards this month.

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Blue Moon Full Moon

Hared by Just Ali, Dr Strange Rub, and Vote for Pedro

Thanks for a great time last night. You get my vote for most retarded trail of the year! That keg of Blue Moon was awesome and the way our French friend took control of McPissers beer jug full of oranges added a nice touch to the beer service. I’ve never felt that classy. Congrats to Ali for FINALLY getting her name! I think we have tabled more names for her than anyone else in the hash. One suggestion was actually “Table Her”, but after her attempt to cut the circle short we decided that she was being a jerk and she shall henceforth be known as “Circle Jerk”. Just make sure you are never DFL or else you’ll have to eat the cracker. Also, congrats to Dr. Strange-Rub for being defloured with TWO full bags of flour last night. Continue reading

Muscle Phart tells a story

The Blue Moon is December 31, and the last time that happened was December 31, 1990. We did a run that night, the hares were, I think, Scum Puppy and Glassblower (anybody recall for sure?), and it was one to remember. The night was cold, clear, still. Trail started just outside the Addicks flood plain, the hares indicating that it shouldn’t be too difficult to follow. Mounting the levee and looking down, we saw what they meant: trail was set, not in flour, but in luminaria; down the levee, up, curving, and down again, meandering throughout the woods and bogs of the plain, up and out again, all lit by little candles in sacks. On trail, oddly, there wasn’t much calling out (no need of it, really), just the sound of feet on grass and the occasional curse at stumbling. All we needed was a little Schubert and we could’ve been our own ‘Ave Maria’ sequence in that classic Disney stoner flick. Ended in a parking garage. I could swear

We did some bowling for tvs (which would be odd, that being a Valhalla, not a Hash, New Year’s Eve tradition), or did we? I recall going to the Valhalla party afterward, and not much else. Yup, one of those times to remember, such a good time, in fact, that parts of it go unremembered.


August Full Moon

Hares: Snatchattariass and Monica Spewinsky

Brrrrgggghhhhh’s account:

Last night’s FM had a great showing! At the circle, Grind’s count of 30 hounds grew to 40 in a matter of seconds. Snatch challenged his counting abilities. The hares?were still given grief for not supplying enough beer.

Sparse flour at many points left the pack searching for minutes upon minutes. Gaslyte and Out of Tuna found their way to the end about 50 minutes before the main pack came in. Others went back to the cars. Main pack came in at about 9PM. Snatch went looking for stragglers and came back with a few. H’ache made an appearance; he shared of recent camping experiences while in Leadville. Tai Tai never made it to the end; he had run Rice and jumped in w the FRBs at the Valhalla beer check. Continue reading

July Full Moon Hash

Hared by Grind Sl*t and Dr. Coochie

Pull the Plug has posted his pics from this month’s Full Moon here.

Start of FM H3 on 7/7 at 7 was the Full Moon Parking Lot in Memorial Park. About 40 people, a big turnout. Here is Hooter Bill’s trace of the trail a day later.

Here is Rain Bitch’s: Hares Dr Cootchie and Grind Slut, Shagwagon Rain Bitch, Parson’s Nose, Rancid Asshole, Roll Model, Pull the Plug, 8″ Crack, Estrus, Tiffany, NARC, Pussy Checker, Great Balls of Fire, McPisser, Dumpster Digger, Misty, Ass Wipe, Road Kill, Caroline Burke, Robin, My Brother Made Me Eat It, Nathan, Horsefli Drivebi, Bleeder, John, ID10T, Roller Balls, Ben, Michael, Hooter Bill, Gaslyte, PP, Jenna, Saran Crap, Heartache, Saturday Night Beaver, Krusty Kreme, Snatchatarius, Ass Grabber, Randy. Muscle Phartt made cameo appearance at end. Continue reading

March Full Moon Hash

Hares: Hooter Bill, Pimp Doggy Dog, Roller Balls

Roughly 28 hashers showed up for the Full Moon run last night. I’m sure that the fact that the weather conditions were perfect and the hares had promised a reasonable length trail, improved the turnout. Roller Balls and Hooter Bill laid the live trail, while Pimp Doggie Dog and Cumoniwannalaya performed shag duties. Most of the runners finished the 4.36 mile trail in an hour or less, although Heartache and Roadkill came in a little later. Heartache said his GPS showed about 8 miles. Only 2 hashers failed to make it to the end. Continue reading

December Full Moon

Hares: Estrus, Bleeder, and Bob

Pull the Plug’s version:

Thanks to hares Estrus, Bleeder, and Bob for a great Full Moon trail last night.

It was a perfect night for a Full Moon Run. The air was cold, the moon was exceptionally bright, and the 55-degree water in the pool at the ending was refreshing. Before the run began, Cummi Bear alienated himself from a bunch of women who turned out be members of the Houston Striders. Thinking they were hashers he introduced himself as “Cummi Bear”, to which they were appalled and they quickly retreated from his presence. Continue reading