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Register Now for the Galveston 150th Campout!


The Galveston Hash House Harriers will celebrate their 150th Run on Crystal Beach. The party will begin Friday, October 25 with a Pub Crawl on the island and a ferry ride back to party central. Saturday we’ll run for the 150th time and celebrate by drinking massive amounts of beer from Lone Pint, flippy cup, vanilla pudding wrestling on the beach, naked run, and finally more beer! Everyone will disperse after a short hang over run in the morning. Food and beer provided.

The venue will be a beach house shared by one of our generous hashers. A hot tub, screened-in camping area, and outside camping are available. The house is located 2 short blocks from the beach. In classic Galveston tradition, this will be a very laid back event…we work on island time!

Click the link below for more info and to rego!

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Galveston Hash #99

Hares Pearl Necklace and Pleather Balls

MOre of Grind’s pictures are here.

The 99th monthly run of Galveston H3. Start at 4 pm (4:45 pm) on Sat 7/25/2009 on west Galveston Isle at Buccaneer Lane (12-mile road) (actually a long couple of blocks away at end of Mutiny Lane near Pocket Park 3. Here is Hooter’s trace of the trail of 3.8 miles (you can see at mile marker 1 the 3/4 mile nature trail no one ran). Continue reading

Galveston Rogue Hash

Hared by Goldiloxxx

In Hooter’s absence, here’s an attempt at hash trash for Goldilock’s rogue Galveston hash:

About a dozen hashers showed up to celebrate Goldilock’s pending departure for the Bahamas Islands. The hounds were Pearl Necklace, Ass Grabber, Vanilla Starfish, Pleather Balls, Santa Claus, Beat My Meat, Really?, F*ck, Dick the Boy Wonder, Just Emily, Pull the Plug, and Platterpuss. Since this was a live hare run, Goldilocks got a 10 minute head start. As soon as the hounds left the parking lot the trail headed into the shiggy along one of the tributaries of Clear Lake. The pack stuck together as we plowed through briars and tall saltgrass in the sweltering heat. We dodged hurricane Ike debris and barbed wire fences before coming to a watercrossing through the most awful smelling mud that I have ever encountered. We sank knee deep into the mud and crotch deep into the black water. As we emerged, one by one, the pack began to spreadout a little bit. Continue reading

June Galveston Hash

Hare: Nice Jugs

Here’s Hooter’s trace of the Galveston H3 trail of about 4 miles laid by the Hare, Nice Jugs, celebrating his birthday. Start was on northeast corner of I-45 (Gulf Fwy) at Hwy 518 in League City.

If you zoom in, you can see where the trail ended for our circle in the park just before the 4.0 mile mark. After the circle in the park (cans of Coors & Lone Star), we walked through a gap in the fence and along the street (past the 4.0 mile mark) to the pool and keg of Shiner and mini-keg of blonde Lone Pint (getting Hooter’s endorsement) and BBQ of pulled pork at Nice Jugs’ home on Civil Drive. Continue reading

April Galveston Hash

Hares: Pearl Necklace and Pleather Balls

Hooter’s account

Start was at Brookwood School, about 5 miles east of I-10 along Clear Lake City Blvd, where it turns right and becomes Middlebrook Drive. What a great hash! A spring shower*. A rushing stream. Green new woods. A pack of three, Little Boy Blue and Heartache and Hooter Bill. Continue reading

March Galveston Hash

Hares: BooBoo Bear and Goldiloxxx

So it was a BEAUTIFUL day for hashing! Due to it being spring break and the same day as the memorial service for a fallen hasher, attendance wasn’t what is usually is. But that did not stop us from having optimal fun! Those in attendance were Brady’s Bitch, 8″ Crack, Can’t Touch This (only till after the first beer check), Steps in Shit, Hooter Bill, Juices Flowing, Roll Model, Pound Puppy, Pearl Necklace, and Pleather Balls. We also had 2 Visitors from Baton Rouge…..I hope I get his name right….Holy Hoover and his wife ThumpHer. Continue reading

Golden Flip-Flop Galveston Hash

Hares: Vanilla Starfish and Pearl Necklace

About 16* including the hares gathered under the bridge at Kemah for the start of Galveston H3 on Sat Dec 27. The hares Starfish and Pearl were wearing jungle slippers. Trail led through streets with canals and boats. Then it crossed a busy road and led through a trailer park to a lake. At this point Hooter Bill elected to go around by a side road and bridge, to avoid crossing the water.

Finding a check and trail along FM 518 Hooter followed trail to the check at the long straight ditch that took Hooter back to the lake. Then no more trail. So Hooter ran back to the start, and found out he was running it backwards. Continue reading