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Saltwater & PP’s Rogue Hash

So PP and Saltwater Taffey and Holden laid trail, about an hour of so of 4.24 miles. Hashers included visitor MIA (from DFW and LA and Orange County hashes), Brian (new boot), Horsefli Drive Bi, Estrus, Eddie, FMR, Heartache, Hooter Bill, Butt Pirate and 3 kids (and wife standing by). See Hooter’s trace of the trail below.


Rogue H3 Sat Dec 26 in a larger map

Galveston Rogue Hash

Hared by Goldiloxxx

In Hooter’s absence, here’s an attempt at hash trash for Goldilock’s rogue Galveston hash:

About a dozen hashers showed up to celebrate Goldilock’s pending departure for the Bahamas Islands. The hounds were Pearl Necklace, Ass Grabber, Vanilla Starfish, Pleather Balls, Santa Claus, Beat My Meat, Really?, F*ck, Dick the Boy Wonder, Just Emily, Pull the Plug, and Platterpuss. Since this was a live hare run, Goldilocks got a 10 minute head start. As soon as the hounds left the parking lot the trail headed into the shiggy along one of the tributaries of Clear Lake. The pack stuck together as we plowed through briars and tall saltgrass in the sweltering heat. We dodged hurricane Ike debris and barbed wire fences before coming to a watercrossing through the most awful smelling mud that I have ever encountered. We sank knee deep into the mud and crotch deep into the black water. As we emerged, one by one, the pack began to spreadout a little bit. Continue reading

Summer Rogue Hash

Hare: Brrrr

Brrrr gave us a good live hare run on Monday June 15. Start was Full Moon Parking Lot. Here’s Hooter’s map of the trail of a little more than 4 miles.

Brrr ran out of flour at one point and talked some young guy into giving her a ride back to fetch more flour. But the pack never knew it, until we were told at the end, and it never interrupted the pack’s progress. Beer Check (Ass Grabber) was at entrance gates to Picnic Loop. Trail ended in the (dark) parking lot next to Texadelphia. About 16 souls in all, at Hooter’s count: Drive Bi Fly Bi, Pussy Checker, Wad To Blow, Who The F**k Are You,
child Arkin, Il Castrado, Vaseline Queen (Kathryn), Low Profile, Roy Orifice, Dumpster Digger, Dick The Boy Wonder (conducting brief downdown for our modest Hare), Susie?, Hooter Bill, and ??? (who else?).

Edited to add:Estrus

Rogue Hash Hared by PP

Hare: PP

Things didn’t come together as I hoped on Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t until almost an hour and half after hash time that I was able to get freed up. Still, I had to give it a shot; the start was only minutes from my front door and I knew the shiggy would be glorious. After covering myself from head to toe in deet *glorious deet,* I was off. Continue reading