Texas Interhash 2014

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Texas Interhash 2014

April 4-6, 2014

Magnolia Gardens, 12101 Beach, Houston, TX 77044

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The Houston Hash House Harriers are proud to present Texas Interhash 2014. The event will mark Houston’s 35th year of hashing and it will also happen to take place on H4 run #1900. The site itself is located on the banks of the San Jacinto River, just downstream from Lake Houston and approximately 22 minutes (mostly highway) drive from downtown Houston. Its major claim to fame is that Elvis once played a concert there. The campground has potable water, water front with beach, boat access with ramp, shaded campsites, two stages and real toilets. RVs are welcome but there are no hookups. You can expect some really good local beer and shiggy trails.

Meals Provided:

Friday Dinner

Saturday Brunch

Saturday Dinner

Sunday Breakfast


Friday: Come as your Hash Name

Saturday: Formal Denim


Friday “Get Acquainted” Trail

Saturday “Shiggy Houston Intense Terrain To Increase Euphoria” Trails (SHITTIE trails)™

Applesauce Wrasslin’

Hash Olympdicks

Skits, A band, A DJ, Mr/Ms TXIH

Keg Wars

Midnight Naked Run

Etc, etc, etc…


Pricing Info:

Initial cost is $75

After Dec 15th – $85

After March 1st – $95*

Day of  – $100

*Gimmees are no longer available

How do I pay:

Online via Hashspace (requires surcharge) (click)




If your browser does not support iframes, Click here to view who’s cumming list



Do NOT bring your dog, anyone under 21, or any type of glass.  There are zero exceptions, you will not be allowed in, and yes we are very serious about these items.  

Skits.  We have some good ones lined up already.  If you have a skit, please send let our RA Platterpuss know, and deliver him whatever music you might need.
Trails:  There is a get acquainted trail on Friday, and on Saturday there is a short (2.5 mile) Medium (5 Mile) and Ballbuster trail (12+) for your pleasure.  In addition, there will be a trail on Sunday afternoon back in Houston that is free with your TXIH registration.  
Food: Its all catered.  Boo-yah.
Gimmees:  If you registered after 325, you are probably shit out of luck.  You may get a shirt, but it might not be your size.
Venue:  There’s a mutha-fuckin’ beach yo! (hence the strict no glass policy)  Venue Pics
We’ve also designated “quiet” areas for sleeping, but you can only herd so many cats:  map of loud and quiet sleeping areas
Facebook: Yes, we’re on FB.  First, you have to become a member of the “Texas Hash House Harriers” group.  Then any of the other hosts to add you to the event.  I believe Ass Gagger, FU Knave, Cocktor Spork and Platterpuss are all hosts at this point.
Q: Is there electricity and/or water at the campsites.  A: No, but there will be a cell phone charging station.
Q: Are there hookups for RVs?  A: No, sorry
Q: Can I build a fire by my campsite?  A. Nope, sorry.  There are some old ass grills around that you can use for cooking if you have some desire to do that, but no fires are allowed otherwise;  other than the bonfire we will have on the beach.
Q: Can I get naked?  Yes and no.  Inside the compound you will be fine.  However, part of the property is on the San Jacinto river, which is occasionally patrolled by Sheriffs, so get naked by the river at your own risk.
Q: I heard you were going to have a shot luge.  Can I bring alcohol for it?  A;  Well, I’m glad u asked.  Hell to the yes!  But only if its not in a glass container.  🙂
PS Please bring a drinking vessel with your name on it.


Can I get naked? Yes and no.  Inside the compound you will be fine.  However, part of the property is on the San Jacinto river, which is occasionally patrolled by Sheriffs, so get naked by the river at your own risk.


Will there be a waiver of indemnity? Yes, all participants must sign a waiver upon entering the property. No exceptions.


Contact info for Houston Mismanagement:

Who is on Mismanagement Committee (click)?

email all H4 Mismanagement:  h4mm@yahoogroups.com


Event Questions:



Horsefli Drivebi



Registration questions:

Pull The Plug


Hind Legs


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