Found in Hooters car


Hasher Down: Bildo D


Bildo Dildo was lost on trail March 20, 2015. Click here for his obituary.

H4 Spring Campout: Rum Runners & Moon Shiners only $69!



The Houston Hash House Harriers are hosting their spring campout at a familiar location. Yes, we are returning to Magnolia Gardens, the site of TXIH 2014. Remember that? Me neither. Campouts always better…the second time around…Why are we returning to the scene of the crime? The H4 mismanagement is lazy. Also it is an excellent and convenient location.

Friday night theme: Hooter Bill Flash Mob. Let us honor Houston’s oldest and fashion-averse hound by attiring ourselves as Ye Olde Drummer Boy.

Saturday theme: Rum Runners & Moon Shiners. Back in the times of Prohibition, these brave law beakers provided hooch to slake the thirsts of Americans under the boot heel of Temperance. This means wearing straw hats with overalls and Daisy Dukes, or south florida 20s chic: linen, guayabara (sp?) shirts and the like. And flasks!

What can you expect for your princely rego fee of $69?


-Friday interfuctions trail, Saturday long & short trails, Midnight Nekkid run, (complimentary?) Sunday H4 trail
-Quality local brews served up cold by authentic bearded men and well-breasted ladies
-Drinking games, a plethora of
-Slippy slide
-Bon fire on the beach
-A sustained atmosphere of jovial rowdiness and chemically enhanced bonhomie
- Friday snax, Saturday brunch and post-trail vittles, Sunday hangover grease & carb bombs
-Sexy new acquaintances inclined to frisky behaviors (you read the part about chemical enhancement, right?)
-Commemorative towel
-Supreme camping weather*

*All credit to the RA. All blame to your poor tent setting-up skills.

And as always, NO means NO.


Xmas Party is Cumming! 12/6 7PM-2AM

The Houston Hash House Harriers Holiday Hoopla (H^6) and thus the most fabulous night of your year is less than 4 weeks away!  Rego ASAP for the most holla for ya dolla.  Refer to price structure in Table 1.
Table 1: H^6 Price Structure
Rego By:           $?
11/28 23:59       40
12/05 23:59       45
12/06 18:59       50
There will be a hashspace rego link soon, whose prices will be raised by $3 to cover online fees.  Bring cash or check to trail starting today for more saving and max raving.  Click HERE to rego!
This will be all the fun of hashing without all tedium of running a trail.  Like a campout without the discomfort of sleeping on the ground or a fat stranger.  Celebrate the season in the tony venue of the Frenetic Theater at 5102 Navigation Boulevard in EaDo.  The theme this year is simply formal, that means black tie if you got it.  Harriettes, we have faith in your ability to peer pressure one another into maximum elegance/sluttiness as the situation warrants.  MM has also hired a private military contractor to provide routine creeper patrol as well, and their ROE are wicked loose.  Comically INformal costumes will be provided by Frenetic for those (*cough* Hooter Bill *cough*) who show up out of uniform.
And what sort of entertainment can you expect for your paltry two Jacksons?  Refer to shit to do in Table 2.
Table 2: H^6 Things That Will Happen
Gimmes at the door: blowjob coupons, pregnancy insurance, etc.
Sick beats by DJ 2 Drunk 2 Fuck
Awards: Best trails of quarter, best and worst of year, most hared, most ran, best new boot, raffle, last year’s MM
Dancing with smokin’ babes and hard-cut dudes
Wacky photo booth shenans
BEER, the fancy kind from our friends at Jugs
Tasty, nutritious, and filling professionally catered dinner & dessert
Drinking games on the backporch – who will be Tuxedo Flippy Cup champion?
Jokes & friends & general bonhomie…all that crap
Transportation info:

1)      Call the Wave direct or book on-line for pick-up time.  $15 round trip and must be an inside the loop pickup since the Frenetic Theater (5102 Navigation Boulevard) is outside their travel area. Book as soon as possible to reserve spot and ask for Jay.  Mention this is the H4 party at Frenetic Theater. There is no hard cut-off to reserve but book by 11/29 to be safe.      or 713-863-9283

a.       If you wait until last minute (as in same day), cost is $20 round trip and you’ll have to be picked at one of the locations where someone has pre-paid.  Closer to the event, we’ll have several pickup locations and will update as to where.   Space may be limited at that point, and first come first serve, so save $5 to be guaranteed a spot and book in advance above.

2)      Take  Uber

Follow the link to get $30 off your first UBER ride! or use this promotional code: UberItOut

or google   “free uber promo code” if the link above has expired

Scouting Pig Blap 4


TuTu ending. A perfect day weatherwise


Finally…a hasher videos the Ho

Good job Shigmata!

A Friday visit to Jugs, the best beer place ever






Jugs fulfills all of your hash beer needs.

desk beer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhere the magic (and the bs) happens…


beer is good for you…photos coming soon

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