Pre-2000th Get a Life Week

Mismanagement has arranged a get a life week for you in preparation for the 2000th. You will be able to hash every day for the week leading up to the 2000th run and 2 days afterwards. Get our there and experience a kennel you may not have tried before!

This post will be updated as kennels release their trail info.

2/13 1:00 PM BRASS MONKEY H3 R*N # 158 – Twinkle Toes’ Birthday Trail & Brass Monkey 6th Analversary campout! Sam Houston National Forest. See
2/14 3:00 PM H4 1999th Trail and Party by London Fag, Putin Pullout and Tender Vittles, Fiesta, 4711 Airline Drive
2/15 7:00 PM Mastrubation H3: MacGregor Park Swimming Pool, 5225 Calhoun, Dog Friendly, Hare: Alcoholics on-on a Bus $5 hash cash
2/16 7:00 PM Rogue Taco Hash Starting at Graham Park (Right behind Cottonwood at 3422 N Shepherd) Hare: Epic Fail
A-A Pickup hash with a stroller, BYOB and some cash, there will be tacos. Hare will provide a case of down-down beer.
2/17 7:00 PM Mosquito H3: TBA
2/18 6:00 PM Rogue Running of the HO: Memorial Park Rugby Lot: BYOB and do as much running as you want. See
2/19 Pub Crawl pre-lube: Downtiown TBA
2/20 H4 2000th run and Party
2/21 3:00 pm H4 Hangover Hash Hares: Whales Vagina and Cow-ta-pult. TBA.
2/22 7:00 pm Mastrubation H3: TBA
2/23 7:00 Space City H3: TBA

H4 2000th Trail and Party. 2/20/16 2 PM

skylineThe Houston Hash House Harriers will celebrate their 2,000 trail on Saturday, February 20th! 36 years of Houston hashing have all lead up to this moment!

The 2,000 trail will take place early in the afternoon on a Saturday, followed by a MASSIVE party that evening in the heart of Houston. The party theme is RODEO and we’re going to live it up that night! There will be dinner, beer, booze, gimmies, live music, games, and possibly a burlesque show taking place at the party venue!

The party will be in the heart of Houston, near the museum district. We highly recommend using an Uber, bus, taxi, etc. to get there, as parking will be limited. This is not a campout, so if you’re coming from out-of-town, find a hotel, crash space, or dark corner of the party venue to pass out in.

Seriously, this is going to be the biggest one-day party H4 throws until the 3,000 trail in around 18 years from now. You want to be there! Tell your friends and bring out your long-forgotten hash brethern to attend!

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RIP: Such-a-Puss

Our good friend Such-a-Puss passed away December 10th, 2015.  Here is a link to his obituary.   To quote NARC:  “We can honor him by trying to be more like him, a man with an easy smile, always a gentleman and a great family man. We will miss Adam very much.”

On-On dear friend


H4 Christmas Party: Bars Wars – The Farce Awakens rego open $30 – 12/5 7:00 pm

h4christmasThe Houston Hash House Harriers 2015 Christmas Party will be held on Saturday, December 5th at 7:00 pm. Are you ready for a night of costumes, eating, drinking, dancing, and trying to give Tender Vittles another ‘Worst Trail of the Year’ Award? Get yourself an Uber or DD and come down to H4’s best one-night party!

To celebrate the removal of George Lucas from creative control of the Star Wars franchise, the party will be Star Wars / Sci-Fi themed! Special prizes as well for anyone who comes in a Space Balls costume!


Odd Fellow’s Log 115 E . 14th Street Houston TX 77008

The Farce Awakens (Star Wars / Space Balls / Sci-Fi)

$30 Until Nov 29
$40 At The Door

Cash or Check handed to 2-Mennonite (Hash Cash)
Paypal to 2-Mennonite (

Awesome Unique H4 Gimmie (First 110 Registrations)
1:00 PM Saturday Trail
Party with DJ
H4 Annual Awards (Best Trail, Worst Trail, Hashshit)
All You Can Eat Food
Unlimited Alcohol (Beer, Wine, Liquor, Cider)

Friday Pub Crawl Pre-Lube
Sunday Hangover H4 Trail

Email if you have any questions!

H4 Fall Campout! Brass Monkey 150th! Huzzah H3 Trail; 10/23 – 10/25 at Texas Ren Faire Campground


Location:Texas Renaissance Faire in Plantersville, TX.

Rego Links: Campout

Brass Monkey 150th

Who’s Cumming

So, our little homey huzzah trail has grown into the epicenter for all things fall hash camping and partying, and the Huzzah H3 mismanagement couldn’t be happier than to have you all!

The campout is 100 % free, except for camping tickets and faire tickets, and Bring Your Own Everything, unless you choose to participate in some of the below options!

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