Hares eating hares. Truth


because you want to know about pig blap

pig blap
When someone gets hit in the face with a penis or penis like object (dildo) and leaves a mark in the shape of the object.
Like when you get a mushroom tatto, that’s getting pig blapped.

H4 Christmas Party: Bars Wars – The Farce Awakens rego open $30 – 12/5 7:00 pm

h4christmasThe Houston Hash House Harriers 2015 Christmas Party will be held on Saturday, December 5th at 7:00 pm. Are you ready for a night of costumes, eating, drinking, dancing, and trying to give Tender Vittles another ‘Worst Trail of the Year’ Award? Get yourself an Uber or DD and come down to H4′s best one-night party!

To celebrate the removal of George Lucas from creative control of the Star Wars franchise, the party will be Star Wars / Sci-Fi themed! Special prizes as well for anyone who comes in a Space Balls costume!


Odd Fellow’s Log 115 E . 14th Street Houston TX 77008

The Farce Awakens (Star Wars / Space Balls / Sci-Fi)

$30 Until Nov 29
$40 At The Door

Cash or Check handed to 2-Mennonite (Hash Cash)
Paypal to 2-Mennonite (gps001@hotmail.com)

Awesome Unique H4 Gimmie (First 110 Registrations)
1:00 PM Saturday Trail
Party with DJ
H4 Annual Awards (Best Trail, Worst Trail, Hashshit)
All You Can Eat Food
Unlimited Alcohol (Beer, Wine, Liquor, Cider)

Friday Pub Crawl Pre-Lube
Sunday Hangover H4 Trail

Email h4mm@yahoogroups.com if you have any questions!

That 175 years of hashing folks.


H4 Fall Campout! Brass Monkey 150th! Huzzah H3 Trail; 10/23 – 10/25 at Texas Ren Faire Campground


Location:Texas Renaissance Faire in Plantersville, TX.

Rego Links: Campout

Brass Monkey 150th

Who’s Cumming

So, our little homey huzzah trail has grown into the epicenter for all things fall hash camping and partying, and the Huzzah H3 mismanagement couldn’t be happier than to have you all!

The campout is 100 % free, except for camping tickets and faire tickets, and Bring Your Own Everything, unless you choose to participate in some of the below options!

On-on for more…

Eclipse in MN with hashers


With Cougar Bait and Froggy Beaver

The onononon


Found in Hooters car


Hasher Down: Bildo D


Bildo Dildo was lost on trail March 20, 2015. Click here for his obituary.

H4 Spring Campout: Rum Runners & Moon Shiners only $69!



The Houston Hash House Harriers are hosting their spring campout at a familiar location. Yes, we are returning to Magnolia Gardens, the site of TXIH 2014. Remember that? Me neither. Campouts always better…the second time around…Why are we returning to the scene of the crime? The H4 mismanagement is lazy. Also it is an excellent and convenient location.

Friday night theme: Hooter Bill Flash Mob. Let us honor Houston’s oldest and fashion-averse hound by attiring ourselves as Ye Olde Drummer Boy.

Saturday theme: Rum Runners & Moon Shiners. Back in the times of Prohibition, these brave law beakers provided hooch to slake the thirsts of Americans under the boot heel of Temperance. This means wearing straw hats with overalls and Daisy Dukes, or south florida 20s chic: linen, guayabara (sp?) shirts and the like. And flasks!

What can you expect for your princely rego fee of $69?

REGO LINK: https://store.hashspace.com/product.php?productid=17302&cat=256

-Friday interfuctions trail, Saturday long & short trails, Midnight Nekkid run, (complimentary?) Sunday H4 trail
-Quality local brews served up cold by authentic bearded men and well-breasted ladies
-Drinking games, a plethora of
-Slippy slide
-Bon fire on the beach
-A sustained atmosphere of jovial rowdiness and chemically enhanced bonhomie
- Friday snax, Saturday brunch and post-trail vittles, Sunday hangover grease & carb bombs
-Sexy new acquaintances inclined to frisky behaviors (you read the part about chemical enhancement, right?)
-Commemorative towel
-Supreme camping weather*

*All credit to the RA. All blame to your poor tent setting-up skills.

And as always, NO means NO.


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