#1759 – World Peace Through Beer Hash

Hares:  Hole In One, Too Drunk to F*ck and Tender Vittles (again)

What was supposed to be a World PEACE through Beer quickly became a World War on Beer.  To start off, the Allied Powers were represented by an American, a Canadian and a Brit.  After leaving the start at Hermann Park and running around trying to avoid mosquitoes, the pack found themselves at the Holocaust Museum where Tender Vittles was waiting with a German beer.  The pack quickly disposed of those filthy Germans and were on their way.  After running through some of the Museum district and past the lake of Hermann Park the pack stumbled upon poor Hair-ea 69 sitting in a bog waiting for a train and a cooler full of Sapporo beer.  Those dang Japanese, attacking Hair-ea 69 with their big ass beers and kamikaze mosquitoes.

After subduing the Japanese with an atomic beer shotgunning, the pack was on it’s way.  After leaving Hermann park, we ended up next to the hospital disctrict, where the third beer check had come and gone in a matter of minutes.  Most of the pack didn’t get any beer but I assume it was Italian and the hashers hung it out to dry quite easily.  At the end of the hash, Ramrod used an entire can of mosquito repellent and fogged the entire area, a squirrel was released upon the pack and the lovely Sarah was officially named “Flatline”.

Thus the world was a more peaceful and happy place.


3 beer checks spread out too far, 1 by holocaust museum with german beer, 2nd in a swamp. 3rd – no beer for most of the pack.

false on top of the hill.

mosquitoes, mosquitoes, mosquitoes. (ramrod fogging the place with repellent.

naming of sarah, flatline

6 miles