Post Marathon Hash

Hare: Dangle Berry What can you say? He ran the marathon and then live-hared this run. I think he ought to be publicly pissed on, he ought to be publicly shot. Bang Bang. I love this guy but I’ve seen his dick more than I’ve seen my own.

H4 Run #1719 – The Post Marathon Mile Run

Date: Saturday January 30, 2011 Hares: Powertool Quote of the Run: “Racists!” Powertool had a great fun run with a surprise ending at….Allen’s landing! No one saw that coming! It was something, unfortunately, which I missed due to death by marathon. Thank to Powertool for stepping up and helping with everything on this, the most […]

16-JAN-11 Tender Marathon

16-JAN-11 Tender Marathon Hash Hares: Tender Vittles & Crazy Puppy The hare had yet to be seen. Tender Vittles had made many posts on the Yahoo groups site with promises of a 6 mile trail with two kegs of beer at the end. The hare arrived, remedy threw some marks on the ground for new […]

2010 Marathon Mile

The Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon are only 10 days away and several hashers will be running both the half and full marathon this year, along with roughly 25,000 other people. The Houston Hash Marathon Mile is always the funnest place to be on marathon day whether you’re a runner stopping for a […]