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If you're a Newbie (to the Hash or the internet)...

Welcome to the Houston Hash House Harrier E-Mail List!!!!

This is an "Adults Only" list for "Hashers"!


This list is for humor and entertainment.

Bad (email) manners will not be tolerated! Anything that pisses off the owner will not be tolerated. Trial by Gravity will decide all matters of propriety.

There are 100+ members on this list, don't reply to every message, we don't want your opinion on everything. Too much email is the primary reason people unsubscribe from this list. Don't be the cause.

On the flip side, if you don't like the amount of email, you can always pick the "no mail" (e.g. No Mail is a good option if you're going to be out of town for a week or two and don't want your inbox to explode) or "digest" mode (only one email per day), and still remain on the list.

Inappropriate behavior includes the following:

a. SPAM! 
- selling things
- excessive replies!
- subject matters other than Hashing

b. Flame wars (participating in a public argument)
c. Chain letters
d. Topics which stray too far off the subject of hashing.
e. Internet hoaxes (any message which asks you to forward it to "everyone").
f. Virus alerts. Virtually all of the alerts which circulate around the internet by eMail are false (see Hoax, above).
g. Jokes of any kind. This is not a humor list. If you want jokes, subscribe to a joke list.
h. Attachments, any attached filed or HTML format email is automatically deleted. If you want to post a file, post it using the "Files" link on at
j. Replies which quote the entire original message. We all saw the original and don't need to see it again. Just quote enough to provide a reference point and then go ahead and respond.
k. Cross posting. This includes sending anything posted to the Houston list to another list or to anyone who isn't a Houston hasher. It also includes posting stuff which you find on another list such as <> to this list.
l. And other things which will be elaborated upon only if the signal to noise ratio becomes unbearable.

Please remember the list is about hashing in Houston. Non-Hashlike discussion should held elsewhere.

Suspension of list access *CAN* occur if you really, really become a pain in the ass.

NOTE: If you change eMail addresses, please update email address at using your old eMail address before it's deleted..




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by Halfmoon

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